Lau Pa Sat

This is one of my fave place to find Singapore local food: LAU PA SAT... Not only I like the cheap food here, but also the old design of the building. To reach this place, the nearest MRT station would be the Raffles Place MRT, it is about 10 minutes walking from the Raffles Place MRT to Lau Pa Sat. Or you can take bus and alight at the bus stop called Raffles Quay. You will see the picture of this man at the entrance.

I went to Lau Pa Sat to eat the best satay in Singapore. The satay here was better than the one I tried at the gluttons bay. Lau Pa Sat has its own what so called "satay street", where people sit outdoor to enjoy the satay.

If you don't like sitting on the satay street, you can choose to sit inside and enjoy the live music performance. It's the place for everyone :) 

written on August 8, 2012

tag: makan satay di Singapura, makanan halal di Singapura, satay street Lau Pa Sat

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