Ramadhan Bazaar at Bukit Bintang KL

As we were staying at Bukit Bintang area during our "Ramadhan Outing to KL" with my friends from the office, we could enjoy the Ramadhan Bazaar which was held just in front of our hostel Sunshine Bedz. The bazaar took place just in front of McD Bukit Bintang, yes the one at the corner, opposite Lot 10 and also the monorail station.

The sellers prepare their food and beverages starting 3 pm, breakfasting was at about 7.20pm in KL, so still some hours to go to the breakfasting time if you visit this bazaar early. But if you come late, than the food will be sold out. We visited this bazaar at 4 pm, and I had to pass really tempting stalls:p

We could find Malaysian's local dish here at the bazaar, from appetizer to the main dish.

I didn't buy anything at 4 pm, I went outside the hotel, pass this bazaar, and when I came back at about 4.30 pm everything were sold out already. Maybe because it was the first weekend of Ramadhan, so many people visit this place to buy food and drinks. Well, enjoying the atmosphere was enough for me, I experience how a bazaar in Kuala Lumpur this Ramadhan. Hope to be able to enjoy it next year with rene.

written on August 15, 2012

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