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During my other weekend getaway to Singapore last week, I stayed at River City Inn Singapore with a friend of mine, Nia Kurniasih. We were traveling to Singapore to visit our bestfriend, Dini Rosdini and her family. As we were looking for the hostel just few days prior to our departure date, most of the hostel were full. We were looking for female dorms, and the one in River City Inn were still available for two person.

At the time of the booking, we didn't notice that the hotel is located on the 4th floor of a shophouse, until I read the confirmation email thoroughly from hostelworld, on the MRT from Changi to the hostel:p Thank God we got only one backpack for each of us. So the stairs issue was not a problem. But if you have a large luggage, please be advised that you have to take your luggage up to the hostel without a lift. 

To reach River City Inn, we had to take the stairs from this yellow building up to the 4th floor. On the 3rd floor, there is a new hostel called Blissfull Loft. I didn't went inside, but it looks clean as well.

We were greeted warmly by the hotel staff named Jackie, she also gave us two glasses of water. Oh just what we needed after taking the stairs hehe.. We had to pay a refundable deposit for 20 SGD, to get a key to our locker and also key to get into the hostel.

Our room was about 30 SGD per night per person (we booked the room via Hostelworld). The reception is in the same area with the lounge of River City Inn. The lounge was really homey:)

River City Inn only consist of one storey. The door you see in the above picture (just behind the sofa) is the 4 bed female dorm. Our room was 9 bed female dorm located at the back of the common area.

The hostel was very clean, and it also has clean shared bathroom. However it only has 4 shower and 4 toilets. I didn't have to queue to take the shower though, because we took shower very early in the morning. I don't know what will happen if I took the shower around 8 am. Must be very crowded.

The hotel provides free breakfast, toast with jam and banana. Hot drinks were also provided for free.

Guest could also leave their luggage for free at their storage area as seen in the below picture.

River City Inn located 5 minutes away from Clarke Quay MRT (the purple line MRT).  Find exit E at the Clarke Quay Station and cross the street to Hongkong Street, where the hostel is located.  

It was a short stay at River City Inn, but I would not hesitate recommend this hostel to those who are looking for a nice, clean, very accessible and cheap hostel in Singapore.

written on August 13, 2012 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Thank you for the detailed post about River City Inn! It was great to know that you had a great stay with us =) ~Jackie =)

    1. Thanks Jackie, I have booked your 4 female bed dorm for Nov 2012:) Hope to see you again soon.

  2. Hello, I am going to Singapor in October and it's the first time I am going abroad alone in a hostel. I do not understand when you say: "Guest could also leave their luggage for free at their storage area as seen in the below picture." because you also say: "We had to pay a refundable deposit for 20 SGD, to get a key to our locker and also key to get into the hostel." That means that we can have a locker or put our luggage at the storage area. Is it safe to put the luggage in this area? Is the locker big enough to put my 60L backpack?

    1. Hi..the locker and the storage area are in the different area of the hostel;
      1) The storage area is at the back of the reception, and you could put a huge luggage there, for free.
      2) Whilst the locker was in the room, but it was only a small locker that my 26L backpack could not fit in. So you could put your backpack under your bed, and put the valuable things in the locker which can be locked. The reception will give you a key to your locker after you pay a refundable deposit SGD 20.

      Enjoy your holiday in Singapore, it's a very safe country so it's ok to go there alone. You may read my Singapore posts under "Singapore Traveling" label.

  3. Halo mba kalau bawa family (anak 7yo and 4yo) better disini atau Hotel 81 Joo Chiat) dari sisi kenyamanan dan transportasi

    1. Hai Mba, aku belum pernah inep daerah Joo Chiat, mungkin kelebihannya kalau di Joo Chiat dekat dengan airport ya. Kalau ke River City Inn lebih jauh dari Changi. Tapi kalau Mba mau explore USS, enak disini karena di line MRT ungu. Ke Bugis juga dekat bisa naik bus dari mall Central. Ke Orchard juga dekat naik bus dari mall Central.