Toast Box Singapore

When we were staying at Tree in Lodge hostel, we had to pass the Toast Box resto at Bugis junction every time we went to or coming from Bugis MRT. And Toast Box was always crowded every time we passed by this resto. 

Until one night at about 9.30 pm, we went there as the place was not crowded. But when we ordered the food, the only thing we can ordered was the toast, everything were sold out! So we ordered their set menu, srikaya toast with cheese with ice teh tarik.

We were given this plate after we ordered the food and paid our bill at the cashier. We didn't know how this plate was going to work, till it vibrated when our ordered was ready and we had to take our order to the counter.

The toast was really good, now we know why this place was always crowded. I think the toast was better than kun kaya toast. 

Other than toast, they also provide laksa, noodle and other asian delights. Got to try other menu next time we visit Singapore.

written on August 4, 2012

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