Rawon Nguling

I must say that anyone goes to Malang always look for this very famous resto, Rawon Nguling, located not far from Alun-alun of Malang City. It was difficult to find the parking place, because this Rawon Nguling located on a busy street with no parking space. So we parked at the shops near the resto.

Of course I ordered Rawon Daging (meat), however the most fave one is Rawon Dengkul, but due to my health concern, I choose to order the healthier one:p Actually I don't like Rawon, but after visiting this resto, I must say that I like it now. However I ordered it to be separated from the rice. I could never eat rice in a bowl full of soup. Hehee..

One of my friend ordered pecel, vegetables with peanut sauce, and she said it was really yummy as it seen on the below picture.

In addition to our main course, the resto also provide additional dishes on each table. Not a healthy choice by the way.

I just can't wait for my next visit to Malang, and for sure this Rawon Nguling will forever be on my Wisata Kuliner Malang list.

written on September 13, 2012

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