A short visit to Tomohon

We went to Tomohon which is one hour away from Manado to visit one of our product retailer. Tomohon located on a higher land, we passed over hilly area, and stopped for a while to capture a picture of Manado.  

Too bad we didn't have much time that day, so we couldn't visit Tomohon market which is famous for selling many kind of animals to be eaten by locals (rats, dog, snake:p). After completing our assignment, we visited Gua Bunda Maria. My friends did their prayer there, while I enjoy the greenery of the place.

There is also a chapel in the area overlooking the Lokon Mountain.

I walked over the chapel to get a closer look of Lokon Mountain. It was so gorgeous! The mountain is an active volcano and has just erupted few days before we came. On the same day of our visit to Tomohon (19 Sept 2012), Lokon Mountain erupted again. Until this post is written, the Lokon Mountain is still very active. I pray for the people in the area as well as people in Manado, may they are safe from the eruption of the Lokon mountain.

Even though only a short visit, I really like Tomohon for its fresh air, and its beautiful surrounding and view. Wish I would be able to visit Tomohon again someday:)

written on October 6, 2012

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