Surya Super Crab

This is our first time visiting this super famous resto for its crab in Makassar; Surya Super Crab. We rented an innova from Clarion Hotel to have dinner, it was about 20 minutes from the hotel to reach this resto. We have just arrived from Manado, check in at the hotel than directly went out for our dinner, for sure the five of us were hungry, that's why we ordered a lot of food:)

While waiting for our crab to be served, the waiters served a plate full of otak-otak makassar (fish cake). It cost IDR 4,000 for each piece (not cheap), and it was different than otak-otak in Jakarta. But for sure we like it that we ate all of the otak-otak:p

We ordered their tofu dish called "Lumpia Kulit Tahu", for IDR 97,500 (again, not cheap) but other than the crab, the tofu was also the highlight of our dinner that night. It's a must try!

For the vegie, we ordered Lohan Cai (mixed vegie) for IDR 45,000 and Baby Buncis for IDR 45,000 (I don't know how I shall translate it in english). Both were very tasty.

And here comes our crab. We ordered the Padangnese and also the Blackpepper Sauce Crab (oh yes, two portion!). One portion was around IDR 150,000. The Padangnese sauce was average, I prefered the crab in the blackpeper sauce. The crab were so fresh, and real yummy. I know why they are called super now.

If I go directly from Makassar to Jakarta, I would take the kepiting to Jakarta. The resto provide special packaging for their take away crab. But I still have to continue our business trip to Palu, so I couldn't take it for rene.  This place is very recommended, but again, it's not cheap (at least for me:p)

written on October 12, 2012

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