TRS Diner Cilandak Town Square

Another Sunday morning we spent at Cilandak Town Square, actually we went there for our family swimming session, but thereafter our kiddos request to go to the Timezone. It was too early to go to Timezone, so we stopped by TRS Diner to try have our Sunday brunch. We haven't tried this resto before and didn't know what's the menu. But we saw many people inside already enjoying their meal, so we decided to give it a try.

The resto was really nice, I felt like I was having brunch in the US, (well, I only saw it on TV, never been there before:p).

When we saw the menu, WOW it was expensive for a brunch menu:p So we only tried their Salmon Benedict and also a tiny cup of espresso coffee. The Salmon Benedict was huge, it cost IDR 59,000 while the coffee was IDR 17,000. The food taste really good despite its price.

A really nice place to hang out and also to have brunch on a Sunday morning.

written on October 9, 2012

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