Bali Zoo

Planning your trip to Bali with Kids? There are several animal parks that worth visiting; the Bali Bird Park is our fave, Bali Safari Park is talk of the town but we haven't visited it yet, and the Bali Zoo. We decided to visit Bali Zoo after reading positive reviews on tripadvisor. Back in 2010 when we compared Bali Zoo with the Bali Bird Park, the reviews on tripadvisor weren't as good as today.

We went there on one of Indonesian long weekend, so we arrived early at 9.30 am. We had to purchase 3 tickets for me, rene and najmi, one free ticket goes to our 3 yo arkan. To purchase the ticket, we had to show our ID card. The ticket was IDR 75,000 for one person (this is the price for Indonesian, and later on we found out that Balinese got even lower price). Then we proceed to the gate where all of our hands got a stamp. 

At the entrance, there was a resto called Okavango Restaurant overlooking the African lion. We went in for a while, their gelato and cakes were so tempting, but we succeed getting out the resto without buying the ice cream:p

We continued walking to enjoy all of the animals, and stopped by a gazebo near a Walls kiosk where our kiddos wanted to have ice cream.

While Arkan still want to eat the ice cream at the gazebo, Najmi went to the petting zoo with the carrots we bought in the zoo to feed the animal. It cost IDR 20,00 for only small amount of it, wondering if we could our own carrot before entering the zoo:p Najmi loved the petting zoo so much.

After finishing his ice cream, arkan wanted to see his brother, and we continued walking inside the zoo. The kiddos love to see orang utan named Jackie, he was sleeping when we passed by. It was really hot that morning, but thanks for all of the trees inside the zoo that avoid us from the direct sun.

After a two hours walking in the zoo, we were all exhausted and decided to have lunch inside the zoo in a restaurant called Elephant View Restaurant. There was a buffet, but it was too expensive for us:p So we ordered their ala carte menu, the food came in a big portion and taste real good. We ordered spaghetti and a chicken teriyaki set.

And yes we could see the elephant riding fom the resto..

We loved Bali Zoo so much and would recommend this place to be listed on your Bali with Kids itinerary.

written on November 19, 2012

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