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I checked on Tripadvisor regarding the "recommended restaurant in Seminyak" when we planned to spend three nights in Seminyak area. To my surprise the number one recommended resto is Gusto Gelato which is a gelato and coffee cafe. Well, I have been to Bali several times, but I haven't heard about this place before.  Moreover I am an ice cream lover and I haven't tried the Gusto Gelato! Oh noo! it was then our top priority place to visit around Seminyak.

We visited the place for the first time after visiting Bali Zoo, I had my kiddos falling asleep on my lap in the car, so we had a cup of gelato taken away. It was really delicious that we decided to come back on the next day. With the help of google map, rene succeeded to find the Gusto Gelato. Located on Jalan Umalas 2, the road is small, that we thought we had entered the wrong street. We were really happy to finally find Gusto Gelato. It is a small cafe, but always full.

Gusto Gelato has so many flavors and they serve different flavors each day. Our kiddos wanted to have chocolate and strawberries, but too bad they didn't have strawberry flavor that day, so our kiddos had their own cup of chocolate gelato.

I ordered the same flavor like I had on the car the other day called Crocante, and you name it Hagen Dazs, Baskin or anything, Crocante of Gusto Gelato is the best :) And this portion only cost me IDR 20,000. Wohoooo!

These were the flavors that were available on the day we visisted Gusto Gelato.

If you go to Bali and you don't plan of staying at Seminyak, you still have to visit this place. The gelato is really really good! Having written this post, I really would love to come back to Bali soon and have another cup of Crocante Gelato!

written on November 10, 2012 by @tesyasblog

Updated: check out Gusto Gelato's new outlet in this link

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