Micro SimCard for Internet in Singapore

I have just decided to stop using Blackberry and move to Samsung S3 just few days before I had a training to attend in Singapore. Until the day of my departure, I didn't realize that I will need to find a 3G micro sim card card for my Samsung S3:p I started googling where to buy the prepaid 3G micro sim card and I got a good information from travelfish. Indonesian telco company offers many service for BB international roaming, but I had no idea whether they also offer cheap international internet for non-BB user. So I decided to get a preferred tourist prepaid card from Starhub as my "a plan". One thing is, the preferred tourist prepaid card is not sold at Changi.

When I arrived at Changi, I approached UOB foreign exchange booth as what I read from travelfish we could get a Starhub 3G prepaid micro sim card only at their booth in Changi. But the lady offered me a 30 SGD card instead. And she said that the 18 SGD is only for the top up. I left the UOB booth at Changi and I was glad that I did some research, otherwise I would have bought the 30 SGD card. 

I went to Bugis Junction, to find Starhub outlet on the basement level. The Starhub outlet in Bugis Junction located not far from Bread Talk outlet (basement level). I arrived at 6 pm, and had to queue at the cashier. There was no sign where to buy the tourist prepaid card, so once you arrive at the starhub outlet, I would suggest to approach the cashier.

At the cashier I told the guy that I was looking for the tourist prepaid card. But he said, he only had the prepaid card unlimited internet for 5 days for 18 SGD called MaxMobile Prepaid. I had to present my passport, paid 18 SGD and got the 3G sim card.

Once I put the 3G micro simcard into my S3, and yeay I am online :) And I have to say I was really satisfied with the performance of the simcard that I bought.

tips to find Starhub outlet at Bugis Junction: if you are coming by Bugis MRT, take the exit which directly linked to the food court (basement level). Just go straight until you find Breadtalk, and turn left before Breadtalk outlet. The Starhub outlet is at the corner.

written on November 23, 2012

tag: kartu simcard untuk internet di Singapura, kartu simcard untuk S3 Samsung di Singapura 

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