Sami Sami Bar Ayana

I visited Ayana Resort for the first time with my friends from the office to see the sunset at the Rock Bar, but ended up seeing the sunset from Sami Sami Bar, a cafe above the Rock Bar. We arrived at 5 pm, but the queue to go to the Rock Bar was very long, that we decided to have juice at Sami Sami Bar and enjoy the sunset. Other than juice, we also had their pizza, and it taste great! Juices and pizza were expensive, but I told myself someday if I go with rene and kiddos to Bali again, I would take them here just to eat pizza and enjoy a bit of Ayana's atmosphere.

As I have promised myself, I took Rene and kiddos to Ayana, they fell in love with Ayana just like myself. We arrived at 11 am, and this is the first sight of Ayana from its entrance. 

We walked to Sami Sami Bar, but stopped first at kids playground and little zoo. Then our 5 yo Najmi started to question when will we be staying at Ayana:p Ok Najmi, Insya Alloh someday :)

After a 20 minutes stop at the little zoo, we finally made it to Sami Sami Bar and ordered juice and pizza. We also get a complimentary bread which comes fresh from the oven. It was really delicious! We ordered 3 drinks, one pizza, it cost us IDR 350,000. 


Expensive! But the price includes enjoying the beautiful view and places in Ayana, so it's well worth it. So this was our way of enjoying Ayana without staying there:p I hope I could stay at this resort someday.

written on November 14, 2012 by @tesyasblog


  1. Halo mba, salam kenal☺️ Aih beneran deh pizza nya ..suka banget...bread nya pun enak juga ☺️ Jadi kangen balik Sami sami lagi,, 😭. Btw, nginep di Ayana skalian mba.. Ga nyesel deh.. Apalagi nyobain extravaganza dinnernya .. Romantis banget 😇❤️

    1. Hai Mba Cindy, salam kenal juga yaa... Aduh aku kangen tiba-tiba ke Sami-Sami lagiiii hahaha.. On my bucketlist Mba:)