Bakso Bakar Pak Man

Whenever I have a chance to visit Malang, I always try to find my fave food in Malang which is Bakso Bakar (grilled meatballs). Usually I go to Bakso Bakar Trowulan, but as it rains a lot during our weekend getaway in Malang (Nov 2012), we went to Bakso Bakar Pak Man on Jl. Diponegoro Malang. 

It was Saturday evening, the place was full but thank God that we got seats for the two of us. We had to pick by ourselves what we'd like to eat into the bowl. While they will prepare the bakso bakar for us.  One piece of meatball cost IDR 1,500, we ordered 20 pieces:p

The Bakso Bakar is so Yuuuum (and spicy)!

I will come back to Malang for another Bakso Bakar session :)

written on December 6, 2012

tag: wisata kuliner di Malang, bakso bakar enak di Malang, liburan ke Malang, berlibur akhir pekan di Malang, makan bakso bakar di Malang

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