Three House Cafe Bandung

We always go to Bandung early in the morning to avoid traffic jam from Jakarta to Bandung on the weekends. We usually arrive in Bandung at about 8 am, and the Three House Cafe is one of our fave stop to have breakfast in Bandung. The cafe is really child friendly, having its own three house, where our kiddos love to play (and coming early in the morning means the three house is only for our kiddos:p).  

They have American Breakfast set as well as Indonesian traditional menu for breakfast. The food are yummy and affordable.

This resto located between Padjadjaran University and Boromeus Hospital. Just across the Three House Cafe Bandung, there is a famous baby and children shop called Lavie. So you can mix your itinerary of having breakfast at Three House Cafe Bandung continued by shopping at Lavie.

written on December 21, 2012

tag: belanja baju anak di Lavie, belanja perlengkapan bayi di Lavie, wisata kuliner Bandung, tempat makan pagi di Bandung, 

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