The Rocks Sydney

We made our own walking tour around The Rocks in central Sydney, to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and heading back to the Botanical Garden. The Rocks is located really close with the Circular Quay transportation hub. We walked with our friend Zaratul Khairi, so that he took so many pictures of us. Thanks Arul!

First things we saw were all the shops, cafes and people enjoying their drinks at the cafe around 3 pm. There's also a tourist information center at the Rocks.

We also found the Argyle cafe, from the outside, it was only a small ordinary door, but when we went inside to check the cafe, wow it's a huge one.

We took the stairs following the sign to the Sydney Observatory Hill and Sydney Bridge Climb. We decided not to take the climb, as rene couldn't take his own camera during the climb (he thought the price is not worth it if he couldn't take picture from top of the bridge:p) We found an artificial window and door, a very cute one, at the end of the stairs.

We made it to the Sydney Observatory Hill, we observed this place as one of our alternatives to watch the Sydney Fireworks. The parks was awesome, with a direct view to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We went inside the Sydney Observatory Hill (one of the reason because it's free:p) And we found this place to be really interesting and (of course) well maintained.

There is a time ball at the top of the Sydney Observatory with its original function to calculate the correct time from the movement of the stars. Everyday at 1 pm the time ball is still raised to the top and dropped to its post.

On the same street as Sydney Observatory, we found hotel and hostels around. One of them was the Sydney YHA, where we had booked our rooms but than we canceled and stayed at Arul's place.

Sydney Harbour YHA
Sydney Harbour Bed&Breakfast
We found an ice cream van near the stairs to the Sydney Bridge. It taste average (despite of its yummy looks), but still it was great for the pictures taking session:p The ice cream gave me the energy to take the steep stairs going to the sidewalk of Sydney Harbour bridge

And finally we made it there, yeah we were at the sidewalks of the Sydney Bridge! We also saw people doing their Sydney Bridge climb.

We could enjoy direct view to the opera house from the Sydney bridge sidewalk.  

On the way to the Botanical Garden, we could see the Sydney Bridge at the background from the Rocks. This below picture is one of my fave pictures of The Rocks, Sydney.

written on February 6, 2013

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