Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks from Mrs Macquaries Point

Hi all happy new year! It has been my dream to watch the Sydney New Years Eve fireworks live show, and Alhamdulillah we made it this year. So we skip our posts of our Australia and Tasmania trip and jump to this special report on Sydney New Years Eve. But we promise to continue updating our blog with our Asutralian trip posts:)

Before our departure to Australia, I have sent questions to mba @adekumala, the owner of one of our fave blog Travelling Precils. That time we were sure that we were going to see the Sydney New Years Eve fireworks from Sydney Observatory Hill. Upon our arrival in Sydney, we went to the Sydney Observatory Hill to survey the location, but we couldn't see the opera house. So we decided to see the fireworks from other place.

the view from Sydney Observatory Hill

Just one night before the fireworks we decided to see the Sydney New Years Eve from Mrs Macquaries Point at the Royal Botanical Garden. We choose this place because it has a great access to the bus stop which will take us back to our friends, Zaratul Khairi's house. By the way, we realised from the start that we have to share this place with other 17,000 people!

Actually, we were thinking of buying the tickets cost AUD 275 to watch the fireworks from the Royal Botanical Garden. But it took us too long to decide (oh yes because of the price:p), and once we were sure that we were going to buy the tickets, it was sold out! Aarggh! After you read this post, I am quite sure that you will think that the ticket price worth the effort! haha..

We arrived at the Botanical Garden at 8.30 am. And we saw that the queue just to get in was so loooong! The gate was scheduled to be open at 10.00 am. We questioned ourselves how early should we arrive at the Royal Botanical Garden?

There was no point of turning back so we joined the crowd, and sat with them on the grass.

After 30 minutes, we started to make a line...and look the line behind us!

After 2 hours of lining up we made it to the gate! *phew. Hmm.. we just enjoying every second of it as we know this will be our only one time experience:p (yeah next time we'll buy the ticket for sure:D) The security only allow us to bring drink which is sealed. They allowed us to take our drinking bottle but we have to empty it first.

And look, there's a special access for the ticketed events.. And we imagined that our friend @kartupos was going to see it from there:p

We found a spot with no view of the opera house and the bridge. But it was comfortable to sit and sleep. Rene told me "let's just enjoy it and it's ok if we don't get great pictures" haha our photographer gave up already. So I agreed with him, we just enjoy the crowd that day.

this is our spot, where we spent 7 hours of
sleeping, blogging and watching people:p
We could find an ATM at this place! Wow how they serious to manage the event!

They also set up bars and restaurants..

They sold this souvenir bottle for AUD 15, and after buying the bottle it was free to refill the bottle. However if you refill your own bottle, you have to pay AUD 2 each time you refill your bottle.

And the toilet..imagine how long was the queue to the toilet in the evening.  My last toilet break was at 7 pm and I had to queue for 30 minutes! 

this queue to the toilet is taken at about 1 pm
And these people stayed in the great spot, but under the sun..

At about 7.30 pm we moved to the great spot and stood there enjoying the air show and finally the sunset.

great sunset even with a tree:p
now the lights are on..
Approaching the 9 pm fireworks, people started to stand up and we could move closer to the fence. In front of the fence is the media people having great view without the tree.. while the best spot we could get was this..

getting ready for the fireworks..still with the tree!
FINALLY it's 12 am and this is the fireworks that we could captured..

And this is the video of Sydney New Years Eve 2012...enjoy the video even with the tree hehehe..

The fireworks was amazing...really amazing!! We forget the long wait of 16 hours for this event! We loved it!

And after the 10 or 15 minutes fireworks, we walked to the Hyde Park to catch our bus. Within 10 minutes of queue at the bus stop, we got the bus and it was only 20 minutes to Kingsford Anzac Parade. At this point, we knew we have chosen the best spot to see the Sydney New Years Eve 2013.

And if I have to do it all over again, uuummm well, I would have bought the ticket in the first place hahahah..

Again, happy new years everyone, hope that we all in a good health this year. And we hope that we could continue writing our travelbog for you.

written on January 5, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Ah-ma-zing ;)
    Ketika mimpi menjadi kenyataan judulnya ya Tes :) Glad u made it...despite of tragedy with Garuda tickets hah ?
    Semoga ada win win solutions nya ya....This is our bucket list for the end of the year of 2013.

    Ditunggu liputan lainnya...:)

    1. Iya mba asik banget deh fireworksnya. Inget ya, you should buy the tickets:p jangan kaya kita heheheh..

      Thanks mba doanya, masalah Garuda bener-bener deh di luar dugaan, harus beli ticket baru Sydney Jakarta dengan harga muahal sangat! Belum ada response juga dari Garuda ampe skrg.

      Liputan segera dilanjutkan hehehe..

  2. Ya ampun, jadi itu nunggu dari pagiii ;o))))

    Boleh juga nieh lain kali NYE di Sydney! :)

    1. Iyee iyee..dari pagi! Tapi begitu liat fireworksnya udah lupa kok kalo nunggu dari pagi. Fireworks nya emang agak lebay, tapi keren abis!

  3. aaak, keren fireworksnya~~ saya taun baru kemaren malah ngabisin waktu di jakarta :D penasaran, baru pertama kali taun baruan di jakarta,, ternyata macet~~

    1. Hehehe iya keren banget, salah satu dream came true. Kalau di Jakarta, paling enak taun baruan di rumah dan pesta bbq ama tetangga aja, daripada kena macet :)

  4. Mbak tesya, salam kenal ya.. sydney fireworks memang keren bgt ya.. Saya juga nonton sydney fireworks utk NYE 2012.. Waktu itu nonton dari bradley's head, bagus jg lokasinya, di tengah hutan tapi dapat view harbour bridge yg cantik.. Dan sepertinya lebih sepi ya dibanding di botanical gardens atau macquaries point.. :)

    1. Hai Mbak Allira, wah coba aku nonton dari sana juga ya hehee..
      Di Macquaries Point ini penuh perjuangaaaan. Tapi gpp karena berdua mr.husband, kalau sama anak-anak kayanya aku nonton dari tv aja:D