Sydney Botanical Garden

To end our Sydney walking tour, after visiting The Rocks, we visited the Sydney Botanical Garden. It was only few days to the Sydney New Years Eve fireworks, so there were preparation on progress in the park. We entered the park from the entrance near the opera house (oh yes the entrance was free) and walked all the way to the area where we could have the best view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city. Too bad it was not a shiny day, so we didn't wait there for the sunset.

The Sydney Botanical Garden is a huge and a beautiful park located in the central of Sydney. It was so relaxing to be in the park, to sit on the benches and just enjoying the beauty and the peacefulness.

And at the opposite of the park, the view is directly to the city of Sydney.

This was the only botanical garden we visited in Australia (we missed visiting the one in Melbourne and also in Hobart). I was glad that we finally visited the Sydney Botanical Garden, as we couldn't find this kind of park in Jakarta.

written on February 27, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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