Paddington Market Sydney

If you ask me what is the must visit place in Sydney? The Paddington Market will be my first answer! Well, maybe because I love market so much anywhere in the world. The Paddington Market opens only on Saturday, fortunately Saturday was the second day while we're in Sydney, so we put it in our itinerary.

We took bus from our friend's house in Kensington, and walked to Paddington. It's in the same direction as Bondi beach, too bad we didn't visit Bondi due to time constraint and we visited Manly beach instead. The Paddington area is so lovely with many coffee shops and boutiques.

We arrived at Paddington market at 9.30 am, the market was not that crowded early in the morning. 

We went directly to the food area to have our breakfast.

We tried a turkish meal called "Turkish Gozleme" because it was the most crowded counter, so we thought it must be good:p And yes it was!

There was also a live music around the food area.

And also a playground! Actually, it was the first market that I saw having a playground. So kids friendly.

After having our breakfast we walked around the market. On the top of clothes, bags, and many other things, we could find people selling plants also in this market.

This place is also very accessible, you can take bus from the city heading to Bondi beach, and you will pass the Paddington area. This market should be in your itinerary when visiting Sydney on weekends.

written on February 3, 2013

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