Things to do in Bengkulu

On my first business trip to Bengkulu, I got several hours to spend, and of course I would like to see what the city has to offer. That afternoon our friends took us to house of Soekarno during his imprisonment by the Dutch in 1932. The house is still there and well maintained, but we were the only one visited the house. 

There's a large yard in front of the house with a big sign of Soekarno's house. A guide accompanied us during our visit and told us the history of the house. When I entered the house, I felt this magical feeling, especially when I entered the bedroom of Soekarno.

Soekarno met Fatmawati in Bengkulu, who bore him several children. And I imagined their children playing at the backyard of this house. There's also a well at the backyard. The guide told us to wash our face with the water from the well, as it is believed that the water would give young look to our face:p

After the visit to Soekarno's house we went to Fort Malborough. 

From the top of it we could see a view overlooking the sea. This must be a nice place to see the sunset, but we didn't wait until it came, we intended to see the sunset at Pantai Panjang Bengkulu. But it was too late and we could only see the sunset from our car.

We ended that day by having dinner in a seafood resto called Sembam Ikan Marola. It wasn't a fancy resto but for sure it served fresh and delicious seafood. Actually there are some hotels at Pantai Panjang, but we choosed to stay Santika Hotel Bengkulu located at the heart of the city.

Recommended restaurants in Bengkulu (which I tried):
- RM Panorama (yummy sop buntut - oxtail soup) on Jalan S.Parman
- Dendeng Batokok also on Jalan S.Parman (I packed 10 pcs and brought it to Jakarta:p)

written on April 4, 2013

Tag: liburan ke Bengkulu, wisata kuliner di Bengkulu


  1. Bengkulu, one of the city in Sumatra that I want to visit. Lovely.

    1. Hai, salam kenal ya..

      Sementara saya pengen banget ke Aceh..hehe.. Semoga terlaksana rencana ke Aceh tahun ini, amiin.. *sambil ngintip blog dirimu :)

  2. Salam kenal mbak Tesya .....thank you for coming to my hometown Bengkulu mbak .... i really like your blogs and also your books .... very inspiring me a lot to travel buat mak2 seperti saya hehehe ... makasih ya mbak ... sukses buat mbak sekeluarga

    1. Hai Mba Risa, salam kenal juga ya... Wah udah lama ini saya ke Bengkulu nya dan belum balik lagi (:

      Terimakasih sudah membaca blog dan buku kami ya..