Lor In Hotel at Tanjung Tinggi Beach Belitung

Normally when we go on holiday with kiddos, we will have reserved an accommodation prior to our arrival. When we went to Belitung, we have also booked one night at Bukit Berahu cottage, but we were not sure about the room until the last minutes. We wanted to stay direct on the beach, but many reviews stated that we couldn't  swim on the beach near the cottage of Bukit Berahu. 

Our dear friend Dini Rosdini recommended Lor In Hotel at Tanjung Tinggi Beach for us, but we thought the price at Agoda (almost IDR 1,000,000) was too expensive. Until we saw the hotel and witnessed that it is located in front of the beautiful beach. We decided to stay there and cancelled our reservation at Bukit Berahu.

Prior to our check in at Lor In, our rented driver took us to Tanjung Tinggi beach, which was about 5 minutes by car from the hotel. We saw all those beautiful rocks, and kiddos requested to swim on this beautiful beach. We fell in love with Tanjung Tinggi beach:)

We checked in at about 4 pm, with a room rate of IDR 720,000 per night including breakfast. the cottage was not maintained. What a pity having the best location but the cottage is very old with dirty bed sheets and dirty curtain. It was the only hotel that we didn't want to take the picture inside the room due to its poor condition. The swimming pool was under construction, we didn't know until we got there. But kiddos didn't care at all, they requested to continue their swimming session at Tanjung Tinggi Beach upon arrival. 

Yes the hotel located on the beach, we just had to cross the public road to reach the beautiful beach. The garden in front of the cottages was nice, my only complaint is what we saw inside the room. But we had no choice, it was the only hotel having beachfront location. I mean with a beach that we can swim on it.

And we could enjoy this beautiful sunset that day, just in front of the hotel. And also a beautiful sunrise the next morning..

This is the condition outside the hotel, the swimming pool (which was under construction), the lobby, the breakfast area, and the direct path to the beach.

Despite of the room condition at Lor In, we would not hesitate staying here again, and enjoy the beautiful beach in front of our cottage.

written on May 19, 2013

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