Lembang Floating Market

Eventhough Lembang is only an hour away from our parent's house in Bandung, I seldom go to Lembang because of its traffic jam especially during weekend. Kampung Gajah and The Ranch didn't interest me to go there until  I read blogs regarding Lembang Floating Market. The place is so awesome which made me planned a one night stay in Lembang with @rona_willis and @alisahaqiqi's families.  

colorful food stalls at Lembang Floating Market

As it was a school holiday period, we left early from Jakarta to avoid the traffic jam, and went directly to Lembang Floating Market. We arrived there at 9 am, became one of their first guests coming that Saturday. We had to buy tickets IDR 10,000 per person and IDR 5,000 for our car. We could change our ticket with a cup of hot/cold coffee, chocolate or lemon tea inside the market.

tickets & the entrance to the market

We had to buy coins as all the selling transactions (including games) inside the market only accept these coins. There are several "money changer" inside just in case the one at the entrance is full. 

coins of IDR 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000

The Lembang Floating Market is at the opposite of the entrance. It is located in a lake called Situ Umar ("situ" in Bahasa Sunda means lake). Whoever has designed and made this place is brilliant. It combines recreation and also the culinary experience. And this place is also child friendly. 

the sight from the entrance

We could walk or use the boat crossing the lake to get to the Lembang Floating Market. It cost only IDR 1,000 per person, but I bet you will give the boatman more than that after seeing how his effort rowing the boat. 

crossing the lake with this tiny boat

Along the path from the entrance to the floating market, there are several wooden shoppes and booths selling traditional food, clothes and also there's a clay coloring corner for kids (IDR 60,000 per package including the clay and the coloring set). 

batik shoppes

coloring the clays

We walked further and found a lovely pond for the ducks. We could feed them by paying with a coin of 5,000 to buy the duck food.

What kiddos love the most was the Taman Kelinci (rabbit park). Lembang is famous for its rabbit, and having this Taman Kelinci at the Lembang Floating Market is really smart. The entrance fee to the rabbit park is IDR 15,000, we bought the tickets with our coins.

having fun at the Rabbit Park

Because it was only half way to go to the floating market from Taman Kelinci, we decided to walk through a park where we could see the entrance and all the shoppes from the opposite.

all the booths and shoppes from the opposite

Finally we made it to the Lembang Floating Maket at 11 am after many stops:p Kiddos didn't want to have their lunch yet and request to do a sampan ride. So we hopped on a sampan for 30 minutes cost IDR 70,000. There are several types of boat we could rent; paddle boat, sampan, dragon boat and canoe. 

our sampan is the one with the yellow roof

We could also stop at the food stall to buy food from our rented sampan. I wanted to do that actually, but I need to have a better skill of rowing:p The 30 mins rowing was tiring, better to get on the transfer boat from the entrance to the floating market.

(almost) approaching the food stall with our rented sampan

It was not easy to decide what to eat at the Lembang Floating Market, there are so many food stall offering all yummy food with reasonable price. Oh yes very affordable compared to Sentul's Ah Poong floating market. We started with "Comro" (spicy fried cassava), and it was a real good one, as good as its look.

must try at Lembang Floating Market

As a satay freak, I tried what so called Sate Buntel. Hmm I should have ordered other food, this satay was not that good. This place gets really crowded at lunch time, and it was hard to find the seats.

interesting to see how they prepare the food from their boat

After lunch we went to Kampung Leuit, a place where kiddos could pick strawberries. This place offers you gazebo to sit overlooking an artificial paddy field. A perfect place to have your picnic at Lembang Floating Market.

beautiful Kampung Leuit

At the strawberry field, we have been informed that it might be difficult to find the strawberries, but as kiddos wanted to have it a try, we said no problem. After paying IDR 20,000 we went to the field and found only 5 strawberries! At the end the guy filled our box with their strawberries:p

where are the strawberries?:D

The Lembang Floating Market is a must visit place, but ensure you get to this place at 9 am. Otherwise this place will be very crowded, and you will have to pass the traffic jam around Lembang Market.

written on June 30, 2013

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  1. mbak tes ini tmpnya dimanakah.. ancer2nya? trimsssssssss.. :)

  2. Hai Mba, kalau dari arah Jl.Setiabudi - Bandung: lurus terus lewatin Pasar Lembang (yang di seberang Ayam Brebes) mentok ke kanan. Terus nanti ketemu pertigaan: kiri ke arah Tangkuban Perahu, lurus ke Maribaya/ the Ranch, mba belok kanan (jalan ini suka macet). Setelah lewatin another pasar nan macet, mba belok kanan balik ke arah Bandung (jalan satu arah). Nanti pintu masuk Floating Market ada di kiri jalan (jangan sampe kelewat, soalnya nanti musti muter jauh lagi:D).

    Hope it helps ya :)

  3. Ajak aku ke sini kakakkk :p
    Bagus tempatnya, suka banget dengan konsepnya apalagi banyak makanan enak :D

    1. ayooo Deb, kapan ke Bandung dooonk hehe

  4. semua tulisanmu menginspirasi banget mbak.. aku jadi pengen mengabadikannya lewat blog kaya kamu. salam kenal ya! :)

    1. Aaah, thank you Afril for the nice words:)
      Ayo teruslah nulis dan sharing yaaa..

  5. Liputannya keren mba.. sgt bantu preview kami2 ini yg jauh dr lembang.. salam kenal ya mba. Aku tiur dr pekanbaru

    1. Hai Mba Tiur, salam kenal ya. Ditunggu kedatangannya di Bandung Mba hehehe :)

  6. Hello Tesya..we're your Malaysian followers.Just came back from your hometown Bandung.It is really an awesome city.We didn't manage to do strawberry picking during our trip..they said there were not many strawberries at that time.What a pity!

    1. Hi! I have been reading your story in Bandung, love it:) Glad you like Bandung, next time let's meet somewhere in Bandung.