Ferry from Banda Aceh to Weh Island

We arrived at Ulelhee ferry terminal in Banda Aceh at 3 pm, after exploring the beautiful city of Banda Aceh. We have booked a return ferry ticket by sms prior to our arrival in Banda Aceh cost IDR 110,000  per person. I was quiet impressed with Ulelhee ferry terminal for its cleanliness.

We approached the counter to get our tickets. There are two types of the ferry (slow and fast), we took the fast ferry of Express Bahari, departs daily from Ulelhee Ferry Terminal at 8 am and 4 pm. Other fast ferry operators are Citra Jet (departs one time daily at 2 pm) and Pulo Rondo (departs daily at 9.30 am). The fast ferry is expected to reach Pulau Weh within 45 minutes.

the ferry ticket counter

For foreigners, please avoid tourist scam by going directly to the ticket counter. It would be better if you have arranged the ferry ticket as well as transfer (from the airport to Uhlelhee ferry terminal and also from Balohan ferry terminal to your hotel) prior to your arrival. Some of the hotels in Weh provide this service. You may ask the hotel staff at the time of the booking.

Thereafter we waited at the waiting room, buy some snacks and also a hat for me. The price of the stuff sold in the waiting area considered cheap. I bought a hat for only IDR 25,000.

clean waiting hall

30 minutes prior to departure schedule, we saw people began to hop on into the ferry. There was no announcement, so we followed people to be the first who got into the ferry. As it was still empty, we could choose our seat with a bigger leg room. Getting early into the ferry is recommended.

The ferry condition was ok, and the aircon was cold (important!). That day was a public holiday in Indonesia, so many people took the ferry going back to Weh Island. I saw people brought lots of stuff, maybe they had done their shopping at Banda Aceh.

it's a clean and comfortable ferry

We arrived at Balohan (the ferry terminal in Weh Island), around  4.50 pm. We saw a beautiful scenery once we stepped out of the ferry. Finally we are here, welcome to Weh Island.

sunny day welcomes us at Weh Island

We have asked Freddie (the owner of Santai Sumur Tiga) to provide a pick up, and the driver was there waiting upon our arrival. The pick up for two person from Balohan Ferry Terminal to Freddies’ Santai Sumur Tiga cost IDR 50,000 (for 2 person), but do not expect to be picked up by a fancy car. This was ours, an old car with no aircon.

this is what so called "taxi"

We were picked up by Pak Hasyim, if you are looking for a pick up from Balohan terminal, you may contact Pak Hasyim 085277511056. Otherwise, there were so many people offering to take you the hotel at the ferry terminal.  Just pick one and make sure you bargain the price they offered.

Ferry from Weh Island to Banda Aceh

The ferry departure depends so much on the weather. On the day we had to go back to Jakarta, it was raining so hard since the night before. Glad that the ferry still left Balohan ferry terminal on time, but the journey was very scary. Our flight was at 1 pm, and we left Sabang at 8 am. 
Our friend @buzzerbeezz informed us that the next ferry schedule that day were canceled due to bad weather.

rainy day on the day we left Weh Island, with a slow ferry as the bacground

Lesson learned from our experience, next time we go to Weh Island, we would go back to Banda Aceh one day prior to our flight schedule. Just to avoid the risk of missing our flight due to bad wheather which could make no ferry will leave from Balohan to Ulelhee ferry terminal. 

How to Transfer From the Banda Aceh's Airport to the Ferry Terminal (or vice versa?)

You can use an airport taxi which cost IDR 80,000 per hour, min 2 hour (in case you would like to visit some interesting places in Banda Aceh). A direct transfer from the airport to the ferry terminal or vice versa cost IDR 90.000. We used Pak Masrizal, contact him at 085260310043. He's one of tsunami victim by the way, so using his service, we will be able to help him through his sorrow.

written on July 15, 2013

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  1. makasih kak atas info kontaknya, apa sopir tsb masih aktif ya nomor hapenya nanti saya coba hubungi kaalu jadi ke sabang

    1. Dia pernah SMS aku Mbak, nanya kabar. Semoga aja masih aktif.
      Eh Bapak ini di Banda Aceh tapi ya.

  2. Lagi cari2 info kapal ferry cepat ke Pulau We dan nemu blog ini. Boleh tanya Mbak no sms yg dipakai untuk booking tiket kapal ferrynya? Lebaran ini saya dan keluarga ada rencana ke Pulau We. Saya udah ubek2 informasi dari yg udah pernah kesana dan tanya pihak hotel di Banda Aceh dan Sabang (saya juga akan menginap di Freddie's Santai Sumur Tiga), dan semuanya menjawab kalo tiket kapal ferrynya gak perlu booking, beli on the spot aja. Tp saya pribadi akan merasa lebih 'tenang' kalo bisa booking tiketnya sebelum sampai ke Banda Aceh. Terima kasih sebelumnya.

    1. untuk tiket kapal ferry ny ga perlu booking dl kok mbak... lgsg k pelabuhan ny lbh awal saja...fyi lebih bagus ny kalau lebaran atau puasa jgn k sana mbak...dari pengalaman teman2 saya k sana pas lebaran hslny cm d hotel saja dan makan popmie mbak karena rumah makan semua tutup...saya yang asli dari aceh pun (non muslim) kalau puasa dan lebaran lebih baik keluar kota mbak krn sepi di aceh, lebaran tidak ada satu pun rumah makan yang buka...