Flight from Kuching to Pontianak

At the moment, there's only one flight from Kuching to Pontianak which is operated by MASwings. As we had to catch our connecting flight from Pontianak to Jakarta, we bought a one way ticket from Kuching to Pontianak cost MYR 231 (nett) per person, departing early in the morning.

When I arrived at Kuching International Airport, I was amazed by how modern it is. A great view of a mountain from where we stepped out from the airport shuttle van of Lime Tree Hotel greeted us.

a morning view from Kuching Airport

We checked-in at MASwings check-in machine, one officer helped us because two of my friends last name is the same with their first name, so we couldn't do it by ourselves.

MASwings self check-in machines

The airport is huge and really modern, I didn't expect that Kuching would have such a nice airport.

entrance to the airport
duty free shops 
waiting room near the gates

It was my first journey using a small aircraft. The seats setting is two on left and right side, with only a small cabin that I had to put my backpack underneath. We got a free milk or juice from the stewardess during the flight. 

I must say it's a well maintained aircraft

the view of Pontianak

It was a nice and short journey and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.

the aircraft landed at Supadio airport

written on July 15, 2013

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