Let's Have Delicious Food in Lembang

Planning a weekend getaway in Lembang? I would recommend to leave early from Jakarta as the traffic gets very busy especially when you exit Pasteur Toll. Leaving early from Jakarta means you will have the privilege of having breakfast as well as enjoying the morning fresh air in Lembang:)

We started our culinary tour in Lembang with this Ketan Bakar booth in Pasar Lembang.

must have in Lembang: Ketan, Colenak and Jagung Bakar

You can also find Ketan Bakar (grilled glutinous rice) sellers in Bandung, but I would drive from Bandung to Lembang only to have their delicious Ketan Bakar. Having it in Lembang is more delicious, maybe because of its cold air that fits the hot Ketan Bakar?

Ketan Bakar in the making

trust me, this is really delicious...

Another food you should try in Lembang is Ayam Brebes, located just opposite the Ketan Bakar sellers in Pasar Lembang. 

the famous Ayam Brebes

I used to go for a lunch break with my friends to this Ayam Brebes resto. This place is still the same compared with the last time I went here, many years ago. 

traditional warung of Ayam Brebes

If you ready to leave Lembang, don't forget to buy Tahu Tauhid, famous tofu factory in Lembang. Now they have bigger branch just across The Ranch Lembang.

Tahu Tauhid, something to take home from Lembang

Lembang food are delicious and cheap, which will make you keep coming back to Lembang. And yes, it's only 30 mins-1 hour away from Bandung, depending on the traffic.

written on July 10, 2013

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