Klapa Resto Dreamland

To end one of our business trip in Bali, we stopped by at Klapa Resto Dreamland to have a late lunch, before heading back to the airport. The resto was not full when we came. We had to pay a deposit upfront which at the end were utilized to pay our bill.

passing a dark hall to get into the resto

Inside, we were amazed by the view of Dreamland beach. Too bad our clothes and shoes did not fit the beautiful beach (:

amazing dreamland at midday

We ordered lots of food, mine was pasta with the pesto sauce. Food were yummy, if only we didn't have to fight with many flies inside the resto that day. I wonder why this fancy resto has a problem with flies. Food and beverages were expensive, but acceptable with the facility and the view we enjoyed at the resto.

For sure, the next time I come to Klapa Resto, I will pack my swimsuit and enjoy sunset from their infinity pool. This place is lovely!

written on August 20, 2013 by @tesyasblog

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  1. pernah New Year-an disini pas Klapa baru buka, not my fave venue but ok :)

    1. Wih kebayang seru nya pas NYE di Klapa ya.. Aku suka pemandangan ke beach nya Kak...hmm..kalo sunset pasti lebih keren deh ya.

  2. Disini nich yg bikin andy soraya + catrine wilson berantem #ngakpenting. Idem ama jenk febby, tempat ini bukan favorit gw karena gw punya pengalaman buruk disini :(

    1. Infotainment melintas inih.... pengalaman buruk apa Kak? Ada di blog Kak Cumi ga?

    2. Hahaaa krn berantem rebutan Tommy yah?

      Gw lbh suka warung2 kecil pemjual indomie sblm Klapa ini ada...tragis:|