Mie Koba, Halal Noodle in Pangkal Pinang

There are several food from Bangka which are very famous all over Indonesia. Two amongst the most famous are: Martabak Bangka and Mie Bangka (noodle). I didn't try Mie Bangka when I visited Pangkal Pinang, the capital city of Bangka-Belitung Province. I was recommended to try Mie Koba, an alternative to eat halal noodle in Bangka. 

I went to Jalan Balai and just opposite Rumah Bersalin Rona, there's a small resto with a big sign of Mie Koba.

We ordered Mie Koba, I choose the one without boiled egg, as I knew that I was going to have another series of culinary experience in Pangkal Pinang that day. I love the taste! I like it better than Mie Atep I tried in Belitung.

Delicious Mie Koba :)

There's no aircon inside the resto, and yes it was hot inside. So better to visit Mie Koba in the morning for your breakfast, or in the evening for a light dinner.

inside Warung Mie Koba

If you take morning flight from Jakarta, I would recommend you to visit Mie Koba before heading to Parai Beach. It will be a perfect meal to start your holiday in Pangkal Pinang.

written on August 23, 2013

Tag: Warung Mie Koba, Mie Halal di Bangka, Wisata Kuliner di Pangkal Pinang


  1. ini rasa kuahnya kaldu udang kaya mie atep juga ?
    (sambel nelen ludah

    1. Enggak Kak Danan, beda rasanya dengan di Mie Atep. Enak yang ini, lebih mantaps :)