Mie Atep Belitung

A simple noodle, tasty indeed, and very famous in Belitung, yes you're right it's Mie Atep, located at the heart of Tanjung Pandan, the capital city of Belitung. 

preparing our Mie Atep in their small kitchen

We came early by Citilink and went direct to Mie Atep to have our breakfast. Too bad it was still closed, so we had Mie Atep for our early lunch instead. Mie Atep came perfect with the orange drink (Es Jeruk Kunci).

tofu, potato, shrimp on the top of the noodle

the orange is so fresh!

The taste of the Mie Atep's soup of reminds me so much of Mie Celor I ate in Palembang. Be aware that you might have your second plate as the portion is not that big:p 

They also provide steamed rice with chicken, I had two of them taken away for our kiddos' dinner at the hotel. The steamed rice is also recommended.

Ahh now I know why this Mie Atep is very famous, it's super delicious!

written on May 21, 2013

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  1. ahhh pengenn ke belitungggg..ini beneran pasti neh deh ;)

    1. Iyaa setiap kali inget mie ini aku pengen balik lagi ke Belitung :)

  2. Mba tesya... Qo ga nyantumin nama jalan, jd bingung nih mau nyicipin mie atep belitong???