Morning Walk at Punclut: Breakfast With a View in Bandung

Frankly speaking, I couldn't remember when was the last time I visited Punclut (Puncak Ciumbuleuit Utara), a viewpoint in the northern area of Bandung. Punclut is also famous as a morning  walk and breakfast area: most of people will end their morning walk to have breakfast at Punclut. 

One morning, I asked rene to accompany me for a morning walk at Punclut. We parked our car at a hospital at the end of Jalan Ciumbuleuit, as suggested on the blog I read. We started to walk, and I couldn't even recognize the place: it has changed a lot. Now they have a main road which connect Punclut to Lembang directly.

We walked through the road until we saw the sign of "Pasar Minggon" (Sunday Market), but as we visited the place not on Sunday, we only met one lady who sold ketan bakar. So we stopped for a while, ordered her ketan bakar, and had a chat with her. She told us that she came from Lembang, and after the new road is built, it only took her 30 minutes from her house to Punclut with a motorbike. 

I asked her where is the place full of warung makan (restaurants) that I used to visit at Punclut. She said it's still a long and steep walk from her stall. Ok then.. we decided to walk back to our car, and went to the top of Punclut by our car. Hmm, I guess it was end of our morning walk, and it turned to be another culinary experience in Bandung:p

food street: yummy ketan bakar

It was about 10 minutes away (by car) from the hospital where we parked our car to the top of Punclut. Approaching the top, the road is narrow and of course getting steep. We stopped for a while to take pictures of Bandung from Punclut. Beautiful :)

view to Lembang
view to Bandung city

We went inside "saung Teh Ita", actually there are so many small restaurants that you can choose. We just picked one close to where we parked our car.

We ordered grilled chicken to have it with our ketan bakar. We choose to sit on the top floor and enjoyed another beautiful city of Bandung.

enjoying this view from a warung makan in Punclut

Punclut is famous for its Sundanese food served with brown rice. A family who sit with us on the top floor that morning ordered a heavy meal; brown rice with chicken, tempeh and tofu. While ours is more simple, still heavy though.

grilled chicken with ketan bakar

It was great to be back at Punclut, the cold morning fresh air of Bandung, and also the beautiful view will keep us visiting this place.

How to get to Punclut:
Head to Jalan Ciumbuleuit in Bandung, at the end of the street, turn right and just drive until you see many restaurants. Please note that the road is closed on Sunday during the Sunday Market. On Sunday, you can park at the end of Jalan Ciumbuleuit and walk to Punclut.

written on Augustus 17, 2013

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