Sam's Strawberry Corner on Jalan Dago Bandung

Last week on the Idul Fitri holiday, we tried to find breakfast in Bandung. Actually we wanted to go to Warung Lela Dago, but when we arrived there at 8 am, it was still closed. So we went back home passing Dago street and saw Sam's Strawberry Corner full of people in the morning, and decided to have it a try.

a corner which serves great Yamien Bakso 

We have tried Sam's Strawberry Corner in Jakarta before, but haven't tried the one in Bandung. We saw their menu and the most attractive picture was "Yamien Bakso" with "ceker or kaki ayam" (fon chauw). Yamien is the famous name of noodle mixed with soy sauce in Bandung. They serve the noodle separately with its soup.

Yamien bakso with ceker cost IDR 33,000
The Yamin came in a big portion and was delicious, but I was disappointed with the "ceker ayam", because it was a snack that I usually bought in Bali. Not the real "ceker ayam". Oh well..

Rene ordered a soup noodle, and we wrongly ordered it to be the most special one, came with meatball, "ceker ayam" and also "babat" (beef tripe). This huge portion cost IDR 40,000.

We also ordered their Batagor, 4 pieces of it cost IDR 36,000 (expensive huh) and the taste is just so-so (not recommended). Better to have it at Batagor Riri or Batagor Kingsley.

batagor at Sam's Strawberry Corner

Being at a strawberry corner, of course we ordered their fresh strawberry juice. This was yummy! It cost IDR 16,000.

The location of Sam's Strawberry Corner is opposite SMU 1 Bandung, attached to a factory outlet. Finding a parking place is a probem along Jalan Dago, so maybe you can park at Kartika Sari Dago (they have basement parking) and walk to Sam's Strawberry Corner. 

written on August 16, 2013

Tag: Yamie Bakso di Jalan Dago, Yamien Ceker di Bandung, wisata kuliner di jalan Dago


  1. wuaaaaa gw sering bgt lunch di Sam's yang depan CCF di Kebayoran tesy, hebat euy udah buka cabang dmana2 ya skarang....

    1. Iya Kak Feb, hebat emang, penuh selalu pun yg di Bandung..walau menurutku harganya agak mahal untuk kelas Bandung:p Aduh aku jadi pengen Yamin: