Where to Eat Around Banda Aceh's Airport

Ayam Goreng Blang Bintang Banda Aceh (fried chicken in Blang Bintang area) was recommended by our friend Ari (@buzzerbeez). The resto is so close to Sultan Iskanda Muda, the airport of Banda Aceh. We made our stop here before heading back to Jakarta.

a simple "warung makan"

It's not a fancy resto, you will find wooden table with plastic chairs. Half of the resto is an open space, there is no aircon at this resto. But all of these giving us an experience of having dinner at local people's house.

Of course you must order their crunchy Ayam Goreng Blang Bintang. We had it cut into small pieces. It taste different than Ayam Tangkap Cut Dek we had on our arrival at Banda Aceh. Ayam Tangkap Cut Dek is more tasty, but you should try both while you are in Banda Aceh.

Ayam Tangkap Cut Dek
Ayam Goreng Blang Bintang
We spotted the man when they prepared our Ayam Goreng, oh my.. he fried it in a huge wok!

Other than the Ayam Goreng, this resto provide side dish on your table just like in Padangnese restaurant. Try their gulai kambing (lamb), it was not my fave at all, but rene loved it:p

Gulai kambing, anyone?

Gulai ayam

You may try to eat at Ayam Goreng Blang Bintang upon your arrival to Banda Aceh or while waiting your flight going back to your destination. It's another must have food in Banda Aceh. Thanks Ari for your recommendation:)

Rumah Makan Aditia Jaya
Depan Airport Sultan Iskandar Muda

written on August 12, 2013

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  1. Sumpah ngiler, gule kambing nya bikin gw naik peraduan hahaha.

    Ini beda ama blang bintang yg di jakarta :)

    1. Hihihi naik peraduan:D
      Iya Kak Cum, beda ya, tapi karena kangen ama Ayam Tangkap pengen deh kesana..

  2. salam kenal kak tesya, bulan ini mau ke Aceh pas puasa hadeuh
    apa buka ya rumah makan ini, ngiler sama ayam tangkapnya

    1. Hai Mbak, wah pas puasa ke Aceh-nya?
      Pas udah buka aja nyobain ayam tangkapnya ya Mba.