4 Hours Transit in Banda Aceh

It was our first time ever visiting Banda Aceh, and we got only 4 hours prior to our ferry schedule to Pulau Weh. We would like to "see and taste" the city and its food as much as possible, so we rented a car with the driver, and began our journey exploring this beautiful city.

the beauty of Masjid Raya Baiturrahman

1. Warung Kopi Solong

First stop was the Warung Kopi Solong, which was very full when we came. Aside from the coffee and teh tarik, they also provide Indonesian traditional snacks. Just perfect to refresh our body after the morning flight from Jakarta.

our coffee in the making
Kopi Aceh is surely one of the best

2. Ayam Tangkap Cut Dek

Recommended by our friend @philardi, we had this for our early lunch. And this is so good! The chicken is cut into small pieces and fried with the leaves. It smells so good, taste so good and also looks so good. 

it was the best food I tried that day
side dish at Cut Dek

3. Shalat at Masjid Raya Baiturrahman

Approaching Dhuhr, we visited Masjid Raya Baiturrahman, the most beautiful Masjid (mosque) that I have ever visited in Indonesia. It has been my dream to visit this mosque, and of course to perform Shalat there. Alhamdulillah another bucketlist checked.

Masjid Baiturrahman at Midday

after performing shalat Dhuhr

4. A Late Lunch at Mie Lala

We met our friend @buzzerbeez at Mie Lala to have our late lunch (actually, we were still full:p). I and Rene shared one portion of Mie Lala, too bad the deer was not available so we had Mie Lala with meat instead. Thanks @buzzerbeez for coming, it was really nice meeting a yellow lover like you:)

another must have food : Mie Lala

5. Visiting the Tsunami Monument

We'd like to visit Tsunami Museum but it was closed on national holiday, so we could only visit the PLTD Apung (diesel powered electric generator). Imagine how this big ship could be stranded by the power of tsunami. We also passed new houses built in the area after the tsunami. Sad to hear the story told by our driver. He used to leave in the area near the sea, but now he moved to the city because he felt more secure there.

This big ship located on the way to the Ulelhee ferry terminal, that's why we visited it before going to the ferry terminal.

list of the victims

this is really huge!

It was a short yet memorable trip in Banda Aceh before catching our ferry to Weh island. I should go back to Banda Aceh someday, I love this city so much.

written on July 16, 2013

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  1. saya terlsnjur beli tiket ke banda aceh untuk 5 hari pas puasa,
    jadi ngapain aja ya kak, mau ke sabang pas puasa gak bisa main air jd d skip sabangnya kayaknya sehari-dua hari di banda aceh ini cukup ya

    1. Pas puasa sekarang ini Mba? Asiknya..
      Ke Sabang sekalian aja ke KM0 supaya enggak penasaran. Lagian pake ferry udah deket banget Mbak.
      Iya 5 hari di bagi dua aja antara Sabang ama Banda Aceh kali ya.
      Have fun ya Mba...