Visiting the Icon of Pontianak: The Equator Monument

On our way from Pontianak to Singkawang, we stopped by at the Equator Monument, which is located a little bit outside of Pontianak. At school we had learned that Pontianak is one of the cities in the world which lies on the equator. And no doubt that this equator monument is one of Pontianak's icon.

replica of the equator monument 
The real equator monument located inside, while the one outside is a replica, build 5 times bigger than the real one.

The real monument made from four ironwood pillars. At the circle you will find a word EVENAAR - a dutch word means the equator - while the number indicates the position of the monument.

Inside, there are also miniature of the equator monument sold to tourists. Or if the miniature is too big to be taken home, you can choose to buy a certificate which stated your name on it and statement that you have crossed the equator.

the miniature are sold for visitors
my certificate :)

To find the miniature of the Equator's monument, you can also go to Jalan Pattimura, where all the major souvenirs shops in Pontianak are located.

souvenirs at Jalan Pattimura

Overall, I must say that the Equator Monument in Pontianak is more well maintained compared with KM 0 Monument in Sabang - Aceh. For the first timer to Pontianak, a visit to The Equator Monument or Tugu Katulistiwa in Bahasa Indonesia is well worth it.

written on September 20, 2013 

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  1. Ih keren yaaaa, dapat piagam perlintasan. Hampir mirip kayak kalo kita di titik 0 km aceh juga bisa dapat piagam.

    Bayar brp kakak piagam nya ???

    1. Wah masa Kak Cum, di tugu KM 0 juga bisa ya dapet piagam? Yah, tau gitu bikin dulu, biar eksis:p
      Piagam ini aku ga tau harganya berapa Kak, errrr..dibuatin soalnya hehehe..

    2. Iya di titik 0 km juga bisa bikin biaya nya 20ribu, lumayan buat eksis narsis hahaha