Indonesia's Zero Kilometer Monument (Kilometer Nol)

This is the northern most point of Indonesia, Monumen Kilometer Nol (Kilometer 0) in Bahasa Indonesia or Zero Kilometer Monument, whatever you call the place, we were happy to step on our foot in this area and to prove the accuracy of our GPS:p 

We are here:)

This place is famous for sunset hunting, but we didn't make it after our snorkeling session in Rubiah Island, though this monument is close to Iboih beach. So on the next day, we went to Iboih again all the way from Santai Sumurtiga with our rented Honda Spacy. For you who are looking for a rented motorcycle in Iboih, you may ask your hotel to provide the motorbike. We rented Honda Spacy for IDR 100,000 per day from our hotel. And yes, we had request Freddie to provide a Honda (and not other brand), sponsor of tesyasblog trips so far:)

Spacy, great for traveling as it has large baggage

We left Santai Sumur Tiga after our pizza lunch, and headed straight to Iboih. On our way, we made some stops including to have rujak (fruits with spicy peanut sauce) with this view. Oh my! Make sure you will not miss this place when you visit Weh Island. We paid only IDR 11,000 for one plate of rujak and a cold drink.

After a long journey, we finally made it to the Zero Kilometer Monument. It was not the monument that was interested, but the view from the area, a wonderful blue ocean water at midday.

beautiful view from the monument

The monument is just a standard one, nothing really special but the view. There are some warungs where you can enjoy snacks and fresh coconut.  

Is the Indonesia's Zero Kilometer worth a visit? If you have enough time in Weh Island, I might say yes. But if your time is limited better to visit beautiful beaches rather than this place.

We left the place with a hope that we could visit the eastern most part of Indonesia someday. It has been our dream to visit all the places in Indonesia and to share the stories with you in tesyasblog.

written on July 31, 2013

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  1. and wheret's the exact location to eat that rujak?

    1. Hai Ibu,
      We found it on our way from Kota Sabang to KM 0 monument. And you will find it easily as well :)