Where to stay around Iboih, Weh Island

If you're wondering where to stay around Iboih without having to walk far from the parking place to your hotel, these three hotels might be suitable for you. We didn't know about these three hotels until we saw the signs, and we stopped for a while to take pictures.

enjoying sunset in front of Pade Dive Resort

1. The Pade Dive Resort

When I saw this resort, it reminds me so much to the pictures I saw in the website when I was looking for a hotel in Freycinet National Park, Tasmania. The Pade Dive Resort is so gorgeous. 

a beautiful wooden beachfront resort

It was only 10 minutes by our motorbike from Iboih, so although you might not swim in front of the resort due to the rocks, you can always go to Iboih beach for your swimming or snorkeling session.

I asked its rate to the hotel staff, and they said that their promo rate is IDR 1,000,000 per night including breakfast. Checkout their website for its updated rate.

another sunset at Pade Dive Resort

2. Pulau Weh Resort

We found Pulau Weh Resort on our way to Indonesia's Kilometer Zero (Kilometer Nol) Monument. There weren't any sign in front of the resort, but we saw a beautiful place, so we went inside.

cottages with direct view to the beach

We met a friendly receptionist, she is a Malaysian who works at this resort. We got information that one beachview cottage cost IDR 2,000,000 room only, and they have their diving package including room as well. We also asked how if we take our kiddos to the resort. Too bad, we have to pay an additional cost of extra bed if we take our kiddos staying with us in the same room (:

a luxury stay at Iboih, perfect for honeymooners

3. Seulako View Cafe & Bungalows

Just beside Pulau Weh resort, we found a budget accommodation called Seulako View. We stopped here to take a rest after visiting Indonesia's Kilometer Zero with our motorbike. We'd like to order something to eat, but it was not available. However, the friendly owner let us in to sit at their cafe and enjoy this magnificent view.

this is what we saw from Seulako View's cafe 

Seulako view and cafe offers budget accommodation with a private beach. You may check their website for further information about the rate. 

This is the white sand beach in front of Seulako View. A perfect place to relax with a book, at a cheap price.

private beach at Seulako View Cafe & Bungalows

So it's your choice whether to stay in luxury hotels or in a budget hotel, Iboih has so many places to be chosen. No matter where you stay, I am sure you will fall in love with Iboih.

written on July 25, 2013

Tag: hotel di Iboih, snorkeling di Iboih, liburan di Iboih

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  1. huwiiii resort yang kedua kereeen kak tesss :)
    mau mau mau *lirik dompet*

    ditunggu postingan di 0 km monumentnya yah kak *dance dance*

    1. Iya Mei, yang kedua itu cocok deh buat hanimun *ehm :)

  2. Oh no, totally expensive for backpacker!! but iboih so wonderful that's all i can say

    1. Hehe kalau yg backpacker bisa Seulako View Cafe & Bungalows Kak, atau cari sekitar Iboih Beach nya aja..