Review of Tourist Court Motel Dunedin

"Welcome to Dunedin, today is raining but you will enjoy sunshine the next two days", John welcomes us warmly in his tiny office of Tourist Court Motel. Yup it was raining when we arrived at John's motel around 5 pm. We had our longest roadtrip ever from Te Anau, transit in Nugget Point, and continued to Dunedin.

John continued "Your friend is already here, they are staying next to your room" Then after paying the two nights room rate of Large Studio room, John walked with us to our room which is located on the second floor.

John's office and our room,
picture was taken on the next day with the sunshine:)
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5 Free Things To Do In Dunedin With Kids

Dunedin, a city in the south-eastern coast of New Zealand's south island was almost not included in our itinerary, because of its unfavorable location. We had to drive 4 hours from Te Anau, but we glad we did. Dunedin is a very beautiful city with heritage buildings, and also possess natural beauty: beaches and the Otago Peninsula.

If you are traveling with kids, here are some places you can enjoy for free in Dunedin:

1. Visit Baldwin Street, The World's Steepest Street

We parked not far from this sign of Baldwin St.
Let's start our morning walk
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Roadtrip from Te Anau to Dunedin : Visiting Kaka & Nugget Point

We left Te Anau to continue our roadtrip in the South Island of New Zealand. That day we had to drive 293 KM from Te Anau to Dunedin and estimated to arrive in 4 hours. Cloud and rain accompanied our trip that day. Nevertheless, we still made some several stops because those sheeps on the hill, in the farm and almost everywhere were too cute!

Sheeps, sheeps, sheeps were everywhere!

We prepared lots of food from the motel, we had our breakfast in the car. We wanted to stop somewhere and had a picnic, but the it was raining until we arrived in a city called Balclutha. 

Passing The Balclutha Road Bridge
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Review of Birchwood Cottage Te Anau

Had no idea where to stay at Te Anau, a quiet little town located 2 hours away from Milford Sound, I count so much on tripadvisor review. From the most recommended "speciality lodging" section I found a beautiful place called Birchwood Cottage.

I booked the hotel via, the price for a 3 bedroom cottage is NZD 240 per night. Perfect as it was within our budget of NZD 120 per night, and we could share the whole house with Dini's family. 

Home away from home at Te Anau
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Milford Sound: Which Cruise to Choose?

Milford Sound was one of our reason of visiting New Zealand. I believe it's not only for our family, but for many first time traveler to New Zealand. The beauty of this place is so breathtaking. Just like our first view of Milford Sound, before we even reach the ferry terminal.

Lovely Milford Sound 

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