Milford Sound: Which Cruise to Choose?

Milford Sound was one of our reason of visiting New Zealand. I believe it's not only for our family, but for many first time traveler to New Zealand. The beauty of this place is so breathtaking. Just like our first view of Milford Sound, before we even reach the ferry terminal.

Lovely Milford Sound 

Please be advised to cover yourself from the sandfly!

Sandflies were everywhere
Kiddos with their jacket at the ferry terminal

Which Cruise to Choose?

There are many companies provide cruise to Milford Sound: Real Journeys, Juicy, Southern Discoveries, Mitre Peak are among the biggest tour providers. After reading the reviews, we decided to take small boat tour from Mitre Peak (NZD 70 per adult). Taking the smaller boat gave us the opportunity to get more personal encounter with the seals and also up-close right under the waterfalls!

The smaller waterfall
Get ready with your raincoat for this huge waterfall!
The seals warming theirselves under the sun

Ohh, and the small boat cruise gave our kiddos room to move around and also to take picture with the captain. All of the crews of Mitre Peak were really friendly and helpful. Their service is highly recommended.

Yeay, with the captain!
inside our boat, with our packed breakfast

The Journey to Milford Sound from Te Anau (and vice versa)

We had chosen the first cruise of the day, mainly because it was the cheapest tour we could get:p Staying at Te Anau the previous night was a privilege, we only had to drive 2 hour away to Milford Sound. 

We left Birchwood Cottage in Te Anau at 6 am, and enjoyed the stunning scenery along the way. The cloud when we left Te Anau turned out to beautiful sunshine.

There were still snow at the top of the mountain

We didn't stop at Homer Tunnel in the morning, so we stopped on our journey back to Te Anau. Homer Tunnel is a 1,2 km tunnel opened in 1954, connects the valley of the Hollyford River to the east and that of the Cleddau to the west (source: wikipedia).

Getting into the tunnel

And from the place where we parked our car, we enjoyed the majestic view of the mountains around us. And of course, the Homer tunnel.

Everyone stopped to take picture at Homer Tunnel
It's so gorgeous!
Water from the melted snow

The Milford Sound Cruise

The cruise was very magical, and yes it is a MUST when you visit New Zealand. Enjoy some of our pictures of Milford Sound.

Milford Sound With Kids: Visit The Underwater Observatory

If you are taking kiddos to Milford Sound, visiting the underwater observatory will give the opportunity to see the creatures live under the sea of Milford Sound.

This gentleman explained the history of Milford Sound
At the observatory
Kiddos loved it

It was for sure an unforgettable cruise for our family, and we would love to do it one day in another way. Maybe with this kayak? 

Wow, kayaking at Milford Sound!

written on February 05, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Ah aku selalu dibikin sirik kalo mampir ke blog ini, CAKEP BANGET :-)

    1. Terimakasih Kak Cum, ayo segera pesan tiketnya Kak...

  2. Milford Sound emang cakepppp banget. Sayang waktu aku kesana cuaca lagi ga friendly.
    Kapalnya goyang kena angin bikin mabok >.<

    1. Wah, serem banget ya Debbz, enggak apa-apa itu tandanya musti balik lagi nanti pas honemoon #eh

  3. Fotonya bagus-bagus!
    Pengen balik lagi ke sini, Milford Sound tsakepnya gak ketulungan..

    1. Hai Kak Bijo, iya NZ ngangenin ya. Tapi kalo liat harga tiketnya duh, sakitnya disini! heheheh