Glenorchy: A Gateway to Paradise

We left our motel Pinewood Lodge early and head to Glenorchy passing by the beautiful Wakatipu Lake. Our journey started when we saw a sign "Take a Drive to Glenorchy". And below that sentence, there's a little text saying "gateway to paradise".

thanks to Mr.Sunshine that day 

Indeed it was a gateway to paradise, the journey from Queenstown to Glenorchy and vice versa was very beautiful! We made several stops to take picture and of course utilize our gopro to take picture from the car.

in Bahasa Indonesia we called this "Negeri di Atas Awan"
trust me, for sure you will make several stops along the way
on the way from Glenorchy to Queenstown

We were heading straight to a place called Paradise instead of going to the city center. We were looking for a forest that was used in The Hobbit movie. But what happened was, we were stuck in a rocky road, at the end of Glenorchy.

We saw many 4wd vehicles taking tourists for the Hobbit tour, and we followed one of them. We ignored the sign "your car will be broken" with a picture of sedan car with rocks:p Maybe we should not have continued getting inside the forest, but we glad we did. 

Never ending rocky road
Getting into the forest
The Hobbit Tour using a 4wd vehicle

We stopped not far from a group of The Hobbit tour,  Rene and kiddos#1 went inside the forest. I haven't seen the Hobbit movie yet, so I couldn't tell whether this forest has been used as one of the shooting place. You tell me.

giant trees inside the forest

We decided to go back to the city center. But kiddos requested to take pictures with the sheeps. Although passing the rocky road, the view is spectacular. If you go to New Zealand, you have to go to Paradise.

this picture is "so New Zealand" don't you think?
kiddos#1 with Emir

I love the city center of Glenorchy, it was so quiet and peaceful. There are only few bed and breakfast and also few cafes. You don't have to do anything here, just relax and enjoy the ambiance.

When kiddos are bigger, I would love to ride horses with kiddos at Glenorchy

We stopped not far from the red house with "Glenorchy" sign and enjoying the beautiful lake and finally took a group picture at the jetty. 

Water taxi going to an island opposite of Glenorchy
A very peaceful lake
our group picture at Glenorchy

Kiddos enjoyed the lake although the water was freezing cold!

We love this place so much, and hope we'll have another chance to visit and stay overnight at Glenorchy. Fresh air, beautiful sky, lovely lake and peaceful town is what I can say to describe Glenorchy.

local houses at Glenorchy

written on January 29, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. hi, mau tanya, untuk driving di nz menggunakan Sim apa? apakah sim indonesia berlaku di nz?

    1. Hai Mba Elly, suami saya menggunakan SIM Indonesia yang sudah diterjemahkan. Silahkan baca tulisan kami tentang SIM Indonesia di Australia, di ya. Kami menggunakan SIM dari postingan tersebut, yang juga berlaku terjemahannya untuk NZ.

  2. Mbaaak, mupeng banget bisa plesiran ke NZ...cantiknya tak diragukan..semoga st hari nanti..sama suami selalu ngomongin pengen kesini...salam kenal mbak Tesya :)

    1. Salam kenal juga Dewi, bukannya Greenland lebih cakep dari NZ ya? Hehehe..
      Iya sama dulu juga suamiku selalu bilang mau ke NZ, sekarang katanya mau ke Mongolia:D