Review of Tourist Court Motel Dunedin

"Welcome to Dunedin, today is raining but you will enjoy sunshine the next two days", John welcomes us warmly in his tiny office of Tourist Court Motel. Yup it was raining when we arrived at John's motel around 5 pm. We had our longest roadtrip ever from Te Anau, transit in Nugget Point, and continued to Dunedin.

John continued "Your friend is already here, they are staying next to your room" Then after paying the two nights room rate of Large Studio room, John walked with us to our room which is located on the second floor.

John's office and our room,
picture was taken on the next day with the sunshine:)

The Large Studio is meant for four person, but the published rate of NZD 120 is based on 2 person. Additional guest had to pay NZD 20. It was a large studio, with two single beds and one queen bed. This room is perfect for family of four:)

A sofa and a queen bed
The single beds for kiddos

It has a fully equipped kitchen and a dining table in a separate room. And a box of tea, coffee and hot chocolate were provided as a complementary. Wow!

Our kitchen
Kiddos were having their breakfast

 The bathroom was compact wit separate toilet and shower area.

I like the atmosphere of Tourist Court Motel from the first time we arrived. There are only few rooms, so it was quiet.

Our large studio room is on the 2nd floor
The rooms on the ground floor

I came across Tourist Court Motel because of tripadvisor review. When I further checked the price, it was within our budget. The location is about 10 mins drive to the city center, it was also a walking distance to a supermarket, a 3 minutes drive to KFC:p

Really recommend this motel if you are looking where to stay in Dunedin, especially for a family trip.

written on February 26, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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