5 Free Things To Do In Dunedin With Kids

Dunedin, a city in the south-eastern coast of New Zealand's south island was almost not included in our itinerary, because of its unfavorable location. We had to drive 4 hours from Te Anau, but we glad we did. Dunedin is a very beautiful city with heritage buildings, and also possess natural beauty: beaches and the Otago Peninsula.

If you are traveling with kids, here are some places you can enjoy for free in Dunedin:

1. Visit Baldwin Street, The World's Steepest Street

We parked not far from this sign of Baldwin St.
Let's start our morning walk

From Tourist Court Motel, we headed to Baldwin Street located only 10 minutes from where we stayed. Kiddos really enjoyed the steep street and keep on walking to the top, while we made many stops for taking picture session:p 

Kiddos#2 in front of one house at Baldwin St.

The view from Baldwin Street to the city of Dunedin was gorgeous. Thank God there were not too many tourist in the morning.

Dunedin, seen from Baldwin Street

Kiddos reached the top of Baldwin Street and walked back to our car. They waited for us who were still in the middle of Baldwin Street. By the way, at the end of the street there was a little house selling "certificate of reaching the top of Baldwin Street".

Interested to buy one?
Our kiddos at Baldwin Street

2. Dunedin's Botanical Garden

Go to Dunedin's Botanical Garden after visiting Baldwin St. as it is close to each other. In my opinion it is the most beautiful garden that I have visited so far! Really really love it :)

Beautiful garden

We went inside the glass house where we found various cactus inside.

The glass house in the center of the garden
Inside the glass house

We also love the duck pond near Visitor's Center. We could get the duck food for free at the information center.

Kiddos#1, who loves animal so much
Beautiful pond in the garden

And of course we played at the playground area, a very well maintained playground located near the main entrance. I envy the citizen of Dunedin who can enjoy this beautiful garden every single day.

Great playground inside the botanical garden

We found a giant old tree inside the garden. In front of the tree there's a sign saying "I am old, please stay on the ground":D The sign succeeded made kiddos#1 did not climb the tree. It was very tempting though.

One of the giant tree in the garden

3. The Most Beautiful Building in Town: Dunedin Railway Station

The iconic building of Dunedin Railway Station is a must visit place by anyone visiting Dunedin. It's located in the heart of the city and it is a very impressive building, even its floor was something really special.

Inside the station

Before we went inside, we spent 30 minutes just sitting at the garden. Kiddos love to run and lying down on the thick grass.

Not to be missed when you are visiting New Zealand

Once inside, our kiddos, who are fans of "Thomas and Friends" requested to get into the train. We didn't do the scenic tour with Taieri George Railway, as it was too expensive for us.

What a beautiful interior
The yellow train is for the Taieri George Railway Tour
Feeling blue, kiddos could not get into the train

4. St. Kilda Beach

A beach lover? Visit this beautiful beach! We were lucky to enjoy St.Kilda Beach Dunedin with Mister Sunshine. Clear bluesky, white and very clean sands, and of course cold water were what we enjoyed during our visit to St.Kilda Beach.

Walking from parking place to the beach
Fun at the beach
The sands were so soft, perfect for lying down on it

5.  Marlow Playground

Found this playground on our way from the city to St.Kilda beach. It is located few meters away from where we parked our car at St.Kilda Beach. It was the biggest playground we found in New Zealand, I mean it seriously: It was huge!

Let's play kiddos :)
Having so much fun!

On the top of the beautiful playground, there were also many birds kiddos could play with. This playground is a must visit place in Dunedin.

Up close and personal with the birds

From all the cities we've visited in New Zealand's south island, Dunedin was our favorite. Stay at least two nights in Dunedin when traveling to New Zealand, I am sure you will love it the way we do.

written on February 25, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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