Roadtrip from Te Anau to Dunedin : Visiting Kaka & Nugget Point

We left Te Anau to continue our roadtrip in the South Island of New Zealand. That day we had to drive 293 KM from Te Anau to Dunedin and estimated to arrive in 4 hours. Cloud and rain accompanied our trip that day. Nevertheless, we still made some several stops because those sheeps on the hill, in the farm and almost everywhere were too cute!

Sheeps, sheeps, sheeps were everywhere!

We prepared lots of food from the motel, we had our breakfast in the car. We wanted to stop somewhere and had a picnic, but the it was raining until we arrived in a city called Balclutha. 

Passing The Balclutha Road Bridge

Then we saw a hope, there was a sunshine! Rene changed the plan and headed to Kaka Point, while our friend @diniros continued their roadtrip directly to Dunedin. Rene said that we shouldn't missed seeing the lighthouse at Nugget Point. I agreed, kiddos also agreed as Rene promised them to stop at a beach called Kaka Point.

Our car turn left and began following the southern scenic route. Kiddos were excited when we stop for a while at Kaka Point. We stopped at an area full of restaurant and enjoyed playing on the beach for only 20 minutes. It was too cold and windy.

A surfer at Kaka Point
Kiddos with the sands and birds

30 minutes later we arrived at Nugget Point and began our hiking to the lighthouse from our parking place. I was in doubt whether kiddos could reach the lighthouse. Kiddos#2 made many stops, but he managed to walk all the way to the lighthouse.

The pathway to the lighthouse, what a gorgeous view.

Along the way we heard sound of seals far away from the sea. It was a great mix: fresh air, beautiful view and sound of seal in the wildlife! Even before we reached the lighthouse, I agreed with Rene, this place is not to be missed.

Do you see the seals down there?

We finally made it to the lighthouse! Too bad it was locked, but we didn't need to see the view from the top of the lighthouse. We enjoyed our time standing and taking pictures at the viewpoint, the view is incredible. We saw the rocky islets in form of nuggets, which have made this area called Nugget Point.

Kiddos with one Opa visiting Nugget Point with his wife
"Do you dare to stand here Bundu?",
asked kiddos#2 to me.
These were "the nuggets" Beautiful!

Suddenly the thick cloud covered the area, we had to end our encounter with the nature at Nugget Point. We walked hurried back to our car because we didn't take any umbrellas. Thank you New Zealand for providing many free spots with incredible view:)

Bye bye Nugget Point

written on February 19, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Rada2 dejavu liat foto2 nya, kayak nya perna liat yg mirip2. dimanakah yaaa ???

    1. Ohya Kak Cumi, dimanakah? Aku pengen ke tempat yang mirip ituuu..

  2. I thought you can find nugget in nugget point lol!!

    What a nice track to the lighthouse, and that view from the hill is absolutely gorgeous!!
    Somehow the 'nugget' looks like shark fins to me! Haha ...

    1. Hmm...yup, maybe in NZ they have different shape of "nuggets"? hehe..
      It is indeed a gorgeous place, too bad it was cloudy when we were there.