Let's Eat The Meat at Karnivor Bandung

I passed Karnivor on Jalan Riau Bandung several times, the place looks always busy during lunch and dinner. I am curious how good is their steak? And also how expensive is their steak?

I decided to have it a try, we were lucky that we could get a parking place for our car, despite it was a Saturday and at lunch time. 

Their tagline is written clearly: Let's Meet Our Meat". Creative one, isn't it?

A unique exterior of Karnivor

We stepped into a dark room and walked to the main restaurant area. It is a half open space restaurant with an Indian tent in the middle. The ten comes just right with all of the wooden interior, giving an Indiana Jones feel. Yup a little bit.

I love the interior

When it comes to the food ordering process, the waiter suggest us to try their huge steak called "monster steak". Well, as none of us were monsters, we ordered their ordinary menu:p The food and drink are affordable. Now I know why Karnivor is always packed during lunch or dinner time.

Dare enought to try the Monster Steak?

Here comes the food and drink we ordered, they were all yummy and recommended. I still want to try their pizza though, well maybe some other time on my weekend getaway to Bandung.

a Mix Grill Karnivor
the Amazon Burger
a fresh orange drink, too bad I forget its name

Good place, good food, at an affordable price. Let's meet at Karnivor!

written on May 4, 2014 by @tesyasblog


  1. Hehehhe jadi ketawa kalo inget resto ini. Perna berantem ama waiters nya gara2 lama banget. Tp makanan nya mmg enak tp agak mahal ;-(

    1. Masa sih mahal? Menurutku murah kalau dibandingkan ama Holycow *yaeyalah!
      Hahaha kok sampe berantem, udah laper ya? Untung aku aman tenteram pesenan cepet keluar ya.