Having Lunch at Sydney Fish Market

We didn't have the chance to go to Sydney Fish Market on our first visit to Sydney, therefore on our second visit, it was on the top of our itinerary. 

We took light rail from Paddy's Market and alight at the Fish Market. We followed the sign from the light rail station to the fish market. It was only about 5 minutes walking from the station to the market.

The first thing we saw was the parking area and some seafood shops and restaurants. We were not sure which restaurant to choose, so we just walked approaching the blue building with the sign of "Sydney Fish Market".

Welcome to Sydney Fish Market

We were amazed by how clean this market is. We saw people having their seafood lunch inside the market as well, but we decided to pack our lunch at eat outside.

Inside the Sydney Fish Market

What to eat if you have so many choices? They all look yummy. Oh My..if only our Australian Dollar was limitless:D

The raw plates
The fried seafood
They were so tempting

We choose to have lunch with all the birds outside. But be careful, they are all naughty birds. You have to keep an eye on your food otherwise they will take your food! It happened to a Japanese lady sat next to our table. One bird took a plate of her sashimi away. And in seconds the birds finished it. 

The outside lunch area
A bright day at the Sydney Fish Market
Bon apetit!

The clean and tidy market, the food, the wharf, all of those things made the Sydney Fish Market a special place. It was a great lunch for me and Rene and if we have another chance to visit Sydney, we will always put the Sydney Fish Market on our itinerary.

written on June 20, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Oh they really really inviting my tounge. Hahaha. Unfortunately, in my living town now, it's very difficult to find such a fresh seafood. Kalaupun ada, palingan frozen, dan mahal sekali. Yah, nasip tinggal di tempt yang jauh dari laut. Hihihi.

    1. Hi...yes the food looks good and taste also good :)
      Mba tinggal di Dubai ya kalau enggak salah? Nanti kalau pulang ke Indonesia di puas-puasin makan fresh seafood ya hehe..