The Big Hostel Sydney : Where to Stay Near Central Station

I was looking for a private room in a hostel near Central Station of Sydney when I came across The Big Hostel on Although we are backpackers, when it comes to choose whether to stay at dorm or private room, I always choose the private room, despite of the price. I did it once staying separately: Rene at a mixed dorm and I stayed in a female dorm. Ended up we had to share the toiletries, and worried will we be able to wake up on time the next morning?

There are several hostels near Central Station: YHA Railway, YHA Central, Bounce Sydney, Woke Up Hostel, and many more. But I choose the Big Hostel because they had a private room available for AUD 110 per night.

The reception of  Big  Hostel

The location is excellent, a 5 minutes walk from Central Station passing the Belmore Park. We could walk to Paddys Market, the halal restaurant on George Street, and bus stop is few meters away.

The Entrance to Big Hostel

Our double room was located on the 3rd floor, we had to take the stairs all the way to the 3rd floor. Our room was very basic room with an en suite bathroom. The room was very clean and comfortable.

The double room

Wifi is provided at the common area only, it was not accessible in the room. We could swap a book, and I did swap the Journeys2 which I had bought from Jakarta with an English and Dutch pocket dictionary. Who knows I will have the chance to go back to Holland in the near future:p

Breakfast is free and provided in the kitchen at common area. Toast, jam, milk an cereal...choose what you want. And there are food storage belongs to the guests who wish to cook at the hostel.

The choice of free breakfast
Food storage

There's a laundry area, in the same room as the luggage storage area. On our last day, we stored our luggage and went exploring the city before catching our evening flight.

The laundry and luggage area

Yes we enjoyed our one night stay at The Big Hostel. The good news is, you can stay here with your children, as long as you book private room. I saw one Indonesian mommy with her son at the common area.

Looking for an affordable double room in Sydney? You might choose to stay at Big Hostel.

written on June 24, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. aku uda pernah cobain 3 hostel selama di sydney, kenapa ya di sydney hostelnya pada pelit wifi ?
    musti bayar lagi :(

    1. Iya Kak, makanya mau enggak mau wajib beli Sim Card di airport pas nyampe ya:p

  2. Berapa harga sim card di airport dan berapa GB isinya ? terimakasih

    1. Sekitar 30 AUD harganya, GB nya lupa..tapi cukup banget. Ohya for first timer to OZ, boleh dibeli buku kami, lumayan detail informasinya: Family Backpacking Australia (Elexmedia). Have fun di OZ ya.

    2. Iya Bu, rencana mau ke Gramedia beli buku Bu Tesya. Kebetulan ini kali kedua ke Australia (sebelumnya ke Perth),masih ada visa multiple sampai tahun depan, rencana ke Melbourne dan Sydney