The Amazing Vivid Sydney Festival

I was informed regarding the Vivid Sydney Lights, Music and Idea festival from @TravelJunkieID and @travelingprecils last year. After seeing their posts on Vivid Sydney, I told Rene that someday I would like to visit Sydney to see the Vivid Sydney festival. 

Never thought that my dream would come true this year, we got a promo ticket from Air Asia, and there were two holidays in the last week of May 2014. Holidays during the week and a promo ticket is a perfect match! By only 2 days of our office leave, we could go on holiday for the whole week. 

Be ready to see how beautiful Sydney is from the pictures we would love to share in this post :)

Sydney Harbour Bridge During the Vivid Sydney, seen from McMahons Point

We had three nights in Sydney, and we enjoyed the festival at different places each night. On the first night we went to Luna Park by Sydney Ferry to see the beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge with its special lighting during the Vivid Sydney Festival. We took the train from the nearest station from the hotel we stayed in (City Hotel Sydney), which was the Townhall Station to Circular Quay Station.

When we stepped out from Circular Quay Station, we saw a laser and music show at the buildings around Circular Quay. Sydney was even more beautiful with all the lights. People gathered enjoying the music and lights around Circular Quay, we could really feel "the festival ambiance" around the area.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge seen from Luna Park,
The Custom House Library and  The Museum of Contemporary Art

How about Darling Harbour? Darling Harbour is one of the most colorful precinct during the festival. Hotels and buildings at Darling Harbour has their own illumination. And the most special occasion at Darling Harbour was the Vivid Aquatique Water Theatre at 6 pm. And of course it was a free show! It combines lights, water, music and fire.

The Vivid Aquatique Water Theatre

We save the best for last. We went to the Opera House on our last night. We didn't go inside though, we enjoyed taking pictures with the crowds from outside. The colors of Sydney Opera House changes following the rhythm of the music. It was amazingly beautiful!

The crowd at Sydney Opera House
The bridge and the Opera House

The festival were conducted for two weeks on the last week of May and the first week of June 2014. If you wish to see the festival for next year, you can check through Vivid Sydney website for the updated commencing date of the festival. Start your plan early to grab the promo ticket to Sydney. 

You will not only have the chance to see the festival, but also enjoying autumn in Sydney.

written on July 6, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. kak bolak balik Oz kek ke Bandung aja deh :-))

    1. Hehehe..enggak tau kenapa suka banget ama Australia :)

  2. cakepppp benerr deh, aku bisa ga mau pulang-pulang kalo udah nemu yg ginian

    1. Hehehe kalau gitu this festival should be on your bucketlist Mei!

  3. Mba Tesya pas disana dingin ga? Kira kira suhunya berapa derajat? Makasih sebelumnya.

    1. Dingin Mba, karena aku kesana Mei dan mau masuk musim dingin. Sekitar 10 derajat.