The Coastal Walk in Sydney : From Coogee to Bondi

There are many ways to enjoy Sydney on the cheap, one of the thing is to do the famous coastal walk. Rene, who made the itinerary for our Sydney Autumn trip had planned to walk from Coogee beach to Bondi beach. The walk is about 6 km long (OMG!) and normally without too many stops, it could be done within 2 hours.

In our case, we made several stops to take pictures of course, we just loved all the beaches we had passed during this coastal walk :)

A healthy and cheap way to enjoy Sydney:
Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk

We started our walk from Coogee beach at around 11 am. Though the water was ice cold as it was almost winter, still there were people swimming on the beach. 

An interscetion near Coogee Beach
The Coogee beach

15 minutes of walk from Coogee, we found a bay with breathtaking view. Oh my, I knew I was going to love this walk from the very start. Wish I had brought my swimsuit along. Well, we didn't bring our swimsuit as we thought it was going to be too cold to swim.

A lovely bay to have a dip
Let's continue the walk

We then arrived at another bay called Clovelly beach after our first 1,8 km of walk. Clovelly beach has a swimming pool just beside the sea. There's also a playground near the beach. I bet it is going to be really crowded at summer around Clovelly beach. There's a building with "Clovelly Surf Life Saving Club" sign on it. There was also a cafe near the club where we could stop for our lunch. But we choose to continue our walk.

The private beach at Clovelly

Before reaching Bronte beach, we passed a beautiful cemetery called the Waverley Cemetery. It is located on the top of a cliff with a fantastic view.

Heading to the cemetery

Bronte beach is more crowded than other beaches we saw during the coastal walk. Kids were swimming at the beach, and people had their picnic on the park.

Clovelly to Bronte: 2.2 Km of walk
Bronte beach, another lovely beach to enjoy
Would love to take our kiddos to Bronte beach

I had my toilet break at Bronte Beach, and it was 1 pm already. We didn't bring anything for our lunch, except two peaches which I already ate when we started our walk:p We kept on walking heading to the next beach called Tamarama beach. There was no one at the beach, no cafe open, so we continued our walk to Bondi beach, hungry.

On our way to Tamarama beach

There were nobody at Tamarama beach

After almost three hours of walk (oh yes three hours with so many stops to take picture!), we finally reach the Bondi beach. We passed the Bondi Icebergs cafe with its closed swimming pool. We wanted to stop there for a while, but since there's no water at the pool, the place look less interesting. 

Yeay... we made it!
Bondi with no crowd at autumn
Hope we can swim at Bondi Icebergs someday

By the way, it was our first time visiting Bondi Beach. We walked around the shops, stop at a post office to buy stamps, and wondering what to eat for our very late lunch (around 2.30 pm).

The walk was very enjoyable (although long), you don't need any intensive preparation beforehand. The walk is well signposted, so don't worry, you will not get lost. There are many toilets and cafe along the way. You can even do this walk with your kids. Shall we try it together one day?

written on July 13, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Waktu aku ke Sydney, belum tahu kalo bisa jalan kaki menyusuri pantai gini... Tapi aku suka sekaliiii dengan Bondi Beach.... Awesome!

    1. Hai Kak Nanda, kalau hasil coastal walk ini, aku paling suka Colvelly Beach, karena asik aja renang di teluk gitu kayanya. Kayanya ya karena aku ga coba hehe.

  2. Kayaknya seru banget jalan di sini. Cuma kalau musim panas kayaknya aku ga akan kuat hehe

    1. Hai Halida,

      Justru kalau musim panas tinggal nyebur di semua pantainya aja kayanya :D

  3. Wow 6 km jalan kaki, lumayan ya mbak sambil olah raga..hehe. Tapi viewnya baguss.. Recommended ga buat anak2..stroller friendly ga mbak tracknya?

    1. Hai Bubu,

      Recommended banget buat yang bawa stroller. Ada beberapa bagian aja stroller nya harus diangkat, tapi selebihnya enak kok.
      Ayo segera hunting tiket ke Sydney:D

    2. Mauu banget mbak, mumpung visa Nam masih berlaku jg.. cari2 promo tiket dulu deh..sapa tau beruntung :)

  4. Hi tesya,
    You have a great holiday. I'm so excited of your journey there. Can i get a copy of your itenary? If can, hope you can email it to me at

    1. Hi, I have our itinerary when we travel with our kids to Sydney. I will email you soon.

  5. Hi mba tesya, aku plan ajak anak2 either ke sydney ato melb next March atas nama annual anniversary trip. Boleh share itinerary with kidsnya ga mba? Emailku Thank youuuu

    1. Hai Mba Dira, aku adanya yg SYD. Aku email ya..

  6. Hi Mba Tesya, untuk menuju co0gee beach ini, start dari Sydney Central naik apa ya? Kebetulan Aapril 2017 ini mau kesana. Makasih ya informansinya

    1. Aku sih naik bus Mba dari Central Station ke Coogee. Coba googling rute bus nya ya Mba.

  7. Hai mba Tesya, saya berencana ke sydney bersama anak2. Boleh share itinerary traveling with kidsnya ga mba? kalo boleh diemail ke Makasiiiih...