Halal Food in Sydney : Chinese Noodle Bar & Kungfu Ramen Haymarket

As we moved to Big Hostel on our last night in Sydney, we wanted to try the famous halal Chinese Noodle Bar, about 10 minutes walking distance from our hostel. It was already closed when we got there, so we tried the next morning to have our brunch. From what we heard, this place is crowded during lunch or dinner, so we came earlier.

The Chinese Noodle Bar is located on George Street, near Central Station. You can find many hostels, travel agents and internet cafes around the restaurant. 

One restaurant you must visit if
you are looking for halal food in Sydney

It was not peak at 10 am, we could sit and enjoy a different side of Sydney: a restaurant with Arabic word of Alloh and Muhammad.

Islamic touch inside the restaurant

The noodle soup cost around AUD 13-AUD 15. Expensive, but we could share the soup for two person. Australian portion was too huge for us. We ordered a noodle soup with ramen, fishball and sweekiauw. It tastes really good! On top of our noodle, we also ordered two sticks of lamb kebab, two sticks for AUD 5.

The noodle soup looks beautiful and tastes awesome
Yummy lamb kebab

On the next day, we tried another halal restaurant serving noodle soup called Kungfu Ramen. Different than Chinese Noodle Bar, this restaurant has less Islamic touch, however we saw the halal certificate near the cashier.

Only a short stroll from Paddys Market
Inside Kungfu Ramen

We ordered their "Kungfu Ramen", thought the one with Kungfu name should be one of their special menu. Yup our choice was right, it was delicious, and I like the homemade noodle from Kungfu Ramen. You can taste that the noodle is so soft. One bowl cost around AUD 15, about the same price as Chinese Noodle Bar.

Our Kungfu Ramen

Both of the restaurants located not far from Paddys Market. You can continue having noodle soup after shopping Australian souvenirs at Paddys Market. Chinese Noodle Bar and Kungfu Ramen are recommended, but for me I prefer the noodle soup at Chinese Noodle Bar.

written on July 20, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Wow those noodle soups look really mouth-watering. Thanks for sharing with us these Halal locations so that we could bring our guests over when they come visit. I have a few new staff at the self storage so I can recommend them these places too. Since it is within walking distance from Paddy's it is easy to be mobile by foot there.

    1. Hi, thank you for stopping by at our blog.
      Now I am craving for the noodle soups as well hahaha..