Things To Do in Blue Mountain: The Prince Henry Cliff Walk

I let my husband, Rene, made our itinerary for our Vivid Sydney trip. He asked me, "Are you sure?" And I answered a big YES! Our itinerary turned out to be a very healthy one. After a 6 km coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi beach, Rene put another 6 km walk in Blue Mountain called The Prince Henry Cliff Walk. 

It was our second visit to Blue Mountain, our first visit could be read in this link. We would like to do something which is cheap, and the bush walk was one of the option. And the view during our 6 km walk was really worth it.

Isn't it gorgeous?

We did purchase My Multi weekly zone 3 (although expensive, AUD 63 per person!) because we knew that we would need a train ticket to Blue Mountain. We caught the first train from Sydney Central Station and stopped at a beautiful small town called Leura, just one stop before Katoomba Station. Leura has many cafes and restaurant at the city center. We walked from the city center to the bush, to start our walk.

Leura: the cafes and the houses

Compared to the Sydney coastal walk we did in the previous day, The Prince Henry Cliff Walk was more challenging. There were pathways which were wet because of the rain, some steps, but still acceptable. Even for myself, with a medium (or is it low?) fitness level:p

Leura Cascade was our starting point
On our first bush walk in Sydney

When I feel tired, I could sit on the bench eating my peach while enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful birds.  

Bird watching

We met these two Japanese gentleman on our way and they were so energetic doing their walk. And they talked to each other along the way, non-stop. I was amazed by their fitness level and hope that we will have healthy long life like them.

Our inspiration during the bush walk

After so many stops at the lookout to take picture, we arrived at Echo Point. Aaaah.. finally! It was in total 2,5 hours of walk. 

One of the lookout we found during our walk
The famous Three Sisters Rock

Rene still asked me to follow him to the Three Sisters Giant Stairway. When I saw the sign which shows the fitness level was required to be "strong" to take the stairway, I gave up:p I waited on a bench while Rene went close to the famous Three Sisters rock.  

The Giant Stairway to Three Sisters Rock
Rene was this close with the rock

We walked further to Echo Point and meet all the tourists up there. We stopped for a fish and chip lunch, took bus 686 (Trolley Tour Bus) to Katoomba Railway Station. By the way, we could pay with our My Multi Pas 3 for the Trolley Bus, yeay :) 

At Echo Point

Katoomba is a very nice little town, with small shops, cafes and restaurants. I've never had a chance to explore this little town, I will surely include a one night stay in our next itinerary visiting Sydney.

The center of Katoomba

For sure, it was a walk to remember, I would not hesitate to do a longer and a more challenging walk than The Prince Henry Walk next time. 

written on July 23, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Hi so th multi pass 3 covers all the transportation at blue mountains too?

    1. Hi, yes it covered the train from Sydney to Blue Mountains and the public bus in Blue Mountains.

  2. Hi Tesya..boleh dikirim itinary utk 7 hari di Sydney(tp full di Sydney hanya 5 hari)? Sy ada rencana Desember nanti mo kesana..Ke email sy :
    Thx u.. seneng baca blog nya

    1. Mas Chris, thanks udah baca blog kami.
      Just sent you email ya.

  3. Hi Kak Tesya,
    seneng deh baca blognya full of tips.hehe
    Kak mau tanya, aku rencana ke sydney awal tahun depan selama 5 hari.
    Is it possible to go to blue mountains? or i need more time to explore? please your advise :)
    Also, can i ask for your itinerary please? here's my email :

    thank you!

    1. Hai Kak, thank you udah baca tesyasblog.
      5 hari di Sydney pas summer itu musti sampe ke Blue Mountains, sayang kalau enggak hehe..
      Tar aku email ya Kak..

  4. Hi Tesya, seperti yang lain mau dong diemail itinerary di Sydney ke

    Rencana 4 hari di sana 4-7 Okt. Kalau spring banyak hujan gak ya?

    Thanks in advance, Tesya.

  5. hi mba tesya bole sharing itenary ke sidney kah ? makasi banyak yaaa 👍

  6. maaf lupa kirim emailnya
    makasi banyak ya mba 🙏

  7. Hi mb teysa, a very nice blog. Bisa share informasi itinerary sydney ke kah? Terimakasih banyak