Budget Hotel in Seminyak: Review of Fave Hotel Seminyak

When I am looking for a budget hotel in any big cities in Indonesia, I always check whether there's a Fave Hotel in that city. What I like about Fave Hotel (other than its cheap price) are: premium location, comfortable bed and clean room. And of course swimming pool availability in some locations.

I choose Fave Seminyak when I extended my business trip in Bali with 11 friends of mine. I have stayed at Fave Bypass Kuta on my previous visit, but I wanted to stay around Seminyak. My alternatives were Fave Seminyak or Fave Umalas. As always, money talks:p I got a promo rate at Fave Seminyak for IDR 350,000 per room including breakfast. The reservation was made via booking.com.

The lobby of Fave Seminyak

It took almost 30 minutes to check-in. We booked 6 rooms, and they haven't prepared our key upon arrival. Even though I had called them one hour prior to our arrival and asked whether they could prepare our room keys. I guess no one followed up my request. After the room key were distributed to my group, the hotel staff advised me to book directly to their website as a group booking if I book more than 5 rooms on my next visit. Mmm, I don't think I will book 5 rooms on my next visit though:p

When I entered the room, the smell was really annoying. We had to leave our door open for a while to get some fresh air. Other than that issue, the room was ok and comfortable. Especially when we consider the price of the room.

Our purple room
Small bathroom yet very clean

The location was in the heart of Seminyak, near those famous bars. And yes we heard the noise from those hapening places. So if you have sleeping difficulty when you hear music or anything, you are advised to bring your own ear plug.

Fave Hotel Seminyak as seen from the road
The entrance to the lobby
Circle K is just meters away
The surrounding area in the morning

The breakfast was ok, we could choose bread or fried rice. They also provide tea, coffee and orange juice.

It's breakfast time..

Good news for those who are looking for a chance to take a dip at the hotel, yes Fave Hotel Seminyak provides swimming pool, although it was only a small one.

A small pool, just to take a dip after your tiring day

Although the check-in and the smelly room, I would still recommend this hotel if you are looking for a budget hotel in Seminyak. My complaint was only about the noise during night time, which we could hear until after midnight. It was not an issue for me because I was too tired and could sleep very well that night. 

Our Bali weekend getaway group

written on August 16, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Pernah ngelewatin nih kak, depan2nya bar2 gay gitu kan yah ?

    1. Iya Kak, hotelnya dikelilingi bars dan ribut tentunya kalau jam malam tiba hehehe..

  2. Ah ini hotel deket banget ama balijoe mixwell .... Kayaknya susah buat merem kalo malem coz selalu rame yaa

    1. Iya Kak Cumi, tapi kalo cape sih tetep aja tidur hehe

  3. Lg nyari tau ttg fave dimarahin ke sini mbak :D. Outing Kantor nanti di Makasar kita diinepin di fave soalnya. Tp kalo memang so-so ya sudlah.. Secara gratisan Dr Kantor :D

    1. Kok dimarahin sih? Mesti typo, maksudnya diarahin kan hahaha...
      Ih keren banget sih kantornya, outingnya jauh bener! Kalau aku outing paling ke Dufan atau TMII. Pediiih:D