Bon Cafe : Where to Eat Steak in Surabaya

Where to eat delicious steak with affordable price in Surabaya? My friend introduced me to Bon Cafe, he said that the steak at Bon Cafe is recommended. I tried once, and now the resto is on the top list of "my must visit place" in Surabaya. 

Aside from the steak, I like the ambiance of the resto. Yes, including a very classic red and white table cloth. The last time, we visited their branch at Jalan Raya Kupang Indah for dinner. 

Hi there Mr.Chef :)

The resto became romantic at night. We came on a working day, so it was not that crowded.

A great place to hang out with your friends and family

I choose to start with Indonesian traditional snack which is called Lumpia Basah. It taste great, just perfect to start our dinner.

A starter menu to be shared with my friends

The tenderloin steak came after we finished our starter. The taste of the sauce is a little bit sweet. I might say: this steak has been transformed to an Indonesian's style steak. 

My fave menu at Bon Cafe

Es Puter Betawi was other menu which is being recommended by my friend. So I ordered it for my dessert and I agree with my friend that the Es Puter is something you should not miss when visiting Bon Cafe.

The ice came in an artificial coconut shaped glass

Do you have other recommended restaurants to eat steak in Surabaya? I would love to hear from you! Yup, I am looking for other places as an addition to my list of must visit place in Surabaya. 

written on October 4, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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