Enjoying Sunset and BBQ Dinner at Dusun Bambu

I always wanted to see the sunset from the top of Dusun Bambu, a family leisure park located in Lembang which is 1 hour away from Bandung (without any heavy traffic). When we spent a night at Dusun Bambu's camping ground, we decided to splurge on our dinner. We went to Burangrang Cafe at around 4 pm, and stayed there waiting for the sunset.

The gazebo is still empty, and of course our kiddos -who are recently take the responsibility to pick the seats in any restaurants- choose to sit on it. They did not understand that it cost a minimum order of IDR 300,000 to sit at the gazebo. However, we agreed to pay, as it was the best seat to see the sunset.

Our kiddos, enjoying their gazebo overlooking Purbasari restaurant

Cafe Burangrang located next to Pasar Katulistiwa. You have to reserve the outdoor seat, whether at the gazebo or at the sofa area. No one choose to sit inside of the restaurant that night, maybe later on when the raining season starts.

The entrance to Cafe Burangrang 
The sofa area, with your own personal fire (warmer)
A romantic restaurant inside

Because the BBQ was not ready, we ordered Dusun Bambu's fried rice for our kiddos which cost IDR 45.000. To my surprise, it taste really great and came in a huge portion. 

Dusun Bambu fried rice with a view

It was a bit cloudy that day, we still enjoyed the sunset, a purple one. It was still amazing, right?

The sunset we enjoyed from Cafe Burangrang

The BBQ dinner was so-so, but this place offers an amazing experience: having your dinner under the stars, with a live band. It supposed to be romantic, but with our kiddos around? Well, you tell me :D

The closed Purbasari restaurant at night, seen from Cafe Burangrang
The chef preparing our BBQ
Our special dinner at Dusun Bambu

I would come back again for another stunning sunset, and a romantic dinner. I mean, a real romantic one.

written on October 28, 2014 by @tesyasblog

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  1. seru bangeet dusun bambu, ini lagi hits banget yahh tempatnya kak

    duh meuni cakep pisaaann

    1. Iya Mei, seru dan rame banget di Dusun Bambu ituh..

  2. kiddos lagi pada anteng bgt tuh kak tes, pasti pada kekenyangan ya? xixixixi

    1. Hahaha..enggak Kak Feb, mereka baru beli mainan lego kecil di Pasar Kathulistiwa, jadi aja anteng hehe

  3. Apakah aku harus kembali ke bandung dan nyobain nich tempat ???? kata nya makanan nya kurang membahana dan ngak sebanding dengan harga nya yee kak

    1. Harus Kak Cumi, for the sunset! Makanan nya mayan enak, tapi memang harganya bukan harga makanan yg kita bayar. Tapi harga viewnya mungkin Kak heheh..